Symptoms that warn of male infertility

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Infertility is defined as a spouse status after a year of co-living, having sex an average of 2-3 times a week, not using any contraceptives that the wife is still not pregnant with. Infertility can be caused by a wife or husband or both husband and wife.

1. What is male infertility?

Infertility in men is a disease that is understood simply as it makes the man incapable of giving birth.

2. Symptoms of Male Infertility

Signs of male infertility are incapable or reduce the likelihood of conception of a sexual girlfriend. Infertility in men usually does not have symptoms, obvious signs. A man with fertility problems remains active and esacing normally. With the naked eye, it is also impossible to tell the quantity and quality of sperm. However, in some cases there are underlying problems such as genetic disorders, end hormones imbalances, varicose veins or obstruction of the sperm's way out..

Most men with infertility do not notice any unusual symptoms other than difficulty having children. Symptoms of infertility in men depend on the cause of infertility. Possible symptoms include:

  • Problems with sexual function. For example, difficulty ingesting or low semen volume, decreased libido or difficulty maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction).
  • Swelling, pain in the testicles, or small testicles.
  • Abnormal signs associated with chroma or hormones…


Male infertility is often caused by deficiencies in semen and poor semen quality

Couples should go to the doctor if they do not conceive after a year of regular interseding and do not use any methods of contraception. Or you can go to the doctor earlier if you have problems such as:

  • Erections or dysaclys, low libido or sexual function problems
  • Pain, discomfort, or swelling in the testicles
  • History of problems with testicles, prostate
  • Have had surgery for testicles, penis or scrotum.

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3. Risk factors for infertility in men

Risk factors associated with male infertility include:

  • Problems during esaculation such as premature ionation,reverse ovulation, some diseases such as cystic fibrosis, testicles do not go down or are twisted
  • Sperm quality: About 13% to 50% of infertility cases are caused by factors from men such as low sperm volume, shape or abnormal movement of sperm
  • Due to the suffering of male gynecologic diseases: prolytitis, inflammation of the foresdenitis, inflammation of the testicles… are prone causes of infertility in men.
  • Abnormalities in sperm production function: are quite common causes that can be caused by shrinking testicles, genetic defects, diseases such as diabetes, quadling, having previously suffered injuries or having to have surgery for testicles or inguinal areas.
  • Drink a lot of alcohol: drinking a lot of alcohol impairs the quality of sperm, reduces libido. The toxins that accumulate in alcohol cause erectile dysfunction that directly affects the likelihood of having children in men.
  • Smoking: tobacco is the leading cause of infertility in men, weakening sperm , deformity oratrophy of the testicles.
  • Stress, stress: frequent stress or stress that disrupts male hormones. Unsummation of bedding increases the likelihood of infertility
  • Frequently wear tight clothes: the habit of wearing tight, tight clothes causes the temperature of the testicles to rise to prevent sperm production.
  • Unsafe sex: Rough sex habits, repeated intercourse causing the penis to suffer from reduced damage that hinders the process of reproduction in men.
  • High exposure to certain chemicals and toxins such as pesticides, radiation, marijuana, steroids (including testosterone)…
  • Damage caused by cancer and the course of treatment.
  • In addition, many cases of male infertility for which the cause cannot be determined, among which there are several conjectures that may be due to genetic causes.

Infertility in men

Patients should look to a specialist for accurate examination and advice

4. Male infertility prevention measures

Some causes of male infertility cannot be prevented. However, you can avoid some causes of male infertility such as:

  • No smoking.
  • Limit alcohol.
  • Avoid contact with pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Maintain body weight.
  • Avoid things that lead to prolonged heat to the testicles….

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