How long do syphilis lesions appear after infection?

After about 3-4 weeks of transmission, lesions of syphilis begin to appear on the skin of the person. These lesions are usually in places such as large lips, baby lips, vagina, fores <1>, penis … after about 3-6 weeks, it disappears.

1. Which way is syphilis transmitted?

Syphilis is a social disease, causing emotional feelings, affecting the health of patients. It is also a highly contagious disease that needs proper prevention to avoid dangerous complications.

There are many people who still do not know which way syphilis is transmitted, which makes prevention more difficult. Routes of infection with syphilis include:

  • Through unsafe sexual contact: 95 – 98% of people with syphilis are caused by infection from a sexual relationship. The skin and mucous membranes on the genitals of the person are often damaged, ulcers secrete many fluids containing syphilis spirulina. In addition, other contacts such as oral sex can also cause infection.
  • Indirect syphilis infection: Although this route of infection is not common, it is also quite possible. When there is contact with personal items of the patient such as wearing the same underwear, personal belongings, toilets and towels … These tools can contain syphilis bacteria and spread to healer by sharing belongings. Besides, if a person with syphilis lives with a healthy person, just a small scratch in contact with the good person's items will be very easy to infect syphilis bacteria.
  • Blood transfusion infection: If the person has blood carrying syphilis spirulina, the recipient will also carry the disease. The infected person will not carry the initial manifestations of syphilis but directly have stage 2 symptoms of the disease.
  • Syphilis is transmitted from mother to child through the placenta and birth line: If the fetus has syphilis without timely detection and treatment or treatment is not thorough, then syphilis bacteria can pass through the placenta into the fetus causing the fetus to become infected. When the fetus is born vaginally and the mother has previously been infected with syphilis bacteria, syphilis bacteria can be transmitted to the fetus resulting in the child being infected with syphilis bacteria.


There are many people who still do not know which way syphilis is transmitted

2. How long do syphilis lesions appear after infection?

After an incubation period of 2-4 weeks, syphilis will take place in three stages.

  • At the first stage: After about 3-4 weeks of infection, lesions begin to appear on the patient's skin. These lesions are usually in places such as large lips, baby lips, vagina, fores <1>, penis … These lesions are local, circular or oval ulcers of 0.3 – 3cm in size, smooth, red, itchy, painless, non-purulent; hard ulcer bottom, inguinal side lymphadenopathy. These symptoms disappear after about 3-6 weeks, but the disease continues to develop with other manifestations in the 2nd stage.
  • At the 2nd stage: After local ulcers of 6-9 months will appear symmetrical rash, pink like cherry blossoms (peaches) without itching. The peaches are pinkish-red or pink-violet, pressed on the lost, not floating high on the skin, without flaking and will lose themselves. Syphilis may cause the appearance of patches of aggregate, water nodules, ulcers in the skin, mucous membranes.
  • At stage 3: Stage 3 syphilis can occur about 3-15 years after the symptoms of the stage. Syphilis bacteria develop in organs such as the brain, liver, cardiovascular muscles …, causing various diseases depending on the part of the body infected with syphilis.

Inflammation of the closed area during pregnancy

Syphilis can be transmitted from mother to child through placenta and birth line

3. Dangerous complications of syphilis

  • Appearance of pains in the genus: When syphilis is present, the person appears aches and pains, especially in the lower detail. The sensation of throbbing but short pain, such as strong jerks or like burning. The last stage appears difficult to walk.
  • Spasmodic dysfunction: Syphilis usually causes 2- 4th burning lesions in the back, affecting the function of urination. Patients always have a feeling of sadness without urinating which leads to urinary insy, urinary intest control.
  • Effects in the eye area: Syphilis bacteria are capable of attacking the eye mucosa, causing the person to have anomalies in the eye homies. It causes the homosis to be small, unusual. Loss of light reflection, causing the eyes to fade.
  • Osteoarthritis: Hips, knees and ankles, even in the dorsal vertebrae and upper limbs are the most affected muscles. The joints are constantly damaged resulting in altered bone structure, causing hernias and fractures.
  • Affects organs: Syphilis is not treated, the spirulina will eat into the organ causing dangerous complications such as heart failure, immediate death.
  • For pregnant women: Syphilis can be transmitted from mother to child. Therefore, during pregnancy, women with syphilis, the ability to infect the fetus causes the child to suffer from congenital syphilis, fetal malformations or death.

4. How to handle syphilis?

Syphilis causes unpleasant symptoms, which directly affects the life, life and health of the person. Therefore, when there are manifestations of the disease, it is necessary to immediately go to the medical facility to find the right disease, the level of condition, thereby having appropriate treatment.

After diagnosing and determining the treatment regimen for syphilis, the patient needs to follow the doctor's prescription, do not arbitrarily take medications that make the disease more serious. Especially after the end of the treatment, it is necessary to regularly examine and test periodically to detect whether the disease recurs early.

Patients also need to keep clean, eat, rest properly to strengthen the body's resistance.

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