Abnormal situations that can occur to mothers and babies on the first day after birth

Despite having experienced a difficult birth, bringing the baby out, it is not necessarily safe, there are still some abnormal situations that can happen to the mother and the child on the first day after birth that need to be handled in a timely manner otherwise it will be life-threatening.

1. Proper maternity and infant care

Usually, immediately after birth at a medical facility, maternity may appear after 1 to 2 days for normal birth and 5-7 days for cesarean section. When going home, women and children still need to be carefully cared for and monitored to promptly detect problems and have timely directions for handling.

For normal maternity, 24-hour post-birth maternity care is very important, because during childbirth there is a lot of blood loss, so it should be monitored, when returning home, it is necessary to be fostered with foods rich in nutrients, not too abstinent. In addition, in order to have enough milk for the baby, the mother needs to drink enough water, eat more fruits and actively breastfeed the baby.

Mothers are also at risk of clogging milk, so breastfeeding a lot will help solve the problem, absolutely do not squeeze, squeeze milk the wrong way because it will easily break the glands and milk rays. Early breastfeeding will also help the process of uterus spasms, ejecting the product and the uterus soon to return to normal.

The process of body hygiene is also very important, women need to clean the 3 times / day and in case of more production, it is better to clean more, it is best to use boiled water or warm water or use additional antiseptic solution to wash, after cleaning, use a dry absorbent towel before wearing a tam tam tamer.

In the old days for women who underwent childbirth, it was necessary to abstain from bathing but in reality there has not been a scientific study that proves it, on the contrary, during childbirth, the body secretes more sweat, so it is necessary to wash it clean, especially in summer. , the longer it takes, the more susceptible to infection

However, the first day after birth should not be bathed immediately, it is recommended to take a quick bath only after 2 to 3 days after birth, do not bathe in a bath or in a pot and absolutely do not soak in water. The bathroom must be airtight, finish bathing must wipe people dry and wear warm clothes immediately.


The first day after birth, the maternity should not bathe immediately, only take a quick bath after 2 to 3 days after birth

2. Possible abnormal situations

On the first day after birth, some abnormal situations that may occur to mothers and babies need to be handled in a timely manner such as: Too high navel to massage the uterus, soft uterus, uterus spasms,hidden bottom for blood clots….

In case the tam tamer gets drenched after 1 hour, it is necessary to inject drugs to help shrink the uterus with 10 units of oxytocin and check for post-birth bleeding treatment.

  • For babies, in case they are unable to breastfeed or have difficulty breastfeeding, it is necessary to instruct the mother to breastfeed properly.
  • If the room has a low temperature, it is necessary to warm the baby and give the child skin adjacent to the mother, apply a blanket, put on more warm clothes and warm the room.
  • If the child has umbilical bleeding, it is necessary to redeer the navel, in case of still bleeding for unknown reasons, it is recommended to consult and transfer to the upline.
  • In case the child does not have stools, examination is required, when detecting that the child does not have an anus, he/she must invite a medical consultation and transfer him to the upline.
  • In case the child does not urinate, it is necessary to see if the child is sufficiently breastfed.

In case of jaundice, immediate treatment is required or if it is not eligible for treatment, it will be transferred to the upline.


In case of jaundice, immediate treatment is required or if it is not eligible for treatment, transfer to the upline

In summary, care and maintenance of health for post-birth mothers need to be carried out from the first day after birth and within the next 6 weeks. After the health has stabilized, the maternity can do some gentle exercises, in addition, to avoid urination later, it is possible to practice breathing, can use the abdominal wrap gene to limit the abdominal book and maintain a slim physique.

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