Tonsil removal surgery methods suitable for babies

Tonsils are ear and nose diseases common problems in children. Recurrent illness affects the child's life and health. When the tonsils swell should surgically remove the tonsils prescribed by the doctor for removal.

1. What is tonsils?

  • The tonsils are the largest human lymphocyte organization, concentrated at the site below the pharynx mucosa, in formation of the sides of the throat, forming a lymphatic ring named Waldayer.
  • Waldeyer's lymphatic ring consists of: nasopharynx tonsils (also known under the more common name VA), proboscis tonsils, female tonsils and base tonsils.
  • The female tonsils are the largest tonsils in the Waldeyer lymphatic ring, consisting of two tonsils located on the sides of the throat and the most inflamed tonsils, which have a pink oval shape, the size of which varies depending on age. When observed with the naked eye, it is easy to see part of the tonsils.

Overdulative tonsillitis

Tonsils form a lymphatic ring attached to the throat

2. Why do tonsil removal surgery be required for children?

When the tonsils grow excessively large, a variety of respiratory, digestive and entotry problems occur for the child:

2.1 Respiratory problems

Excessive tonsils will cause obstruction in the upper respiratory tract, which as a result of snoring, sleep apnea. If sleep apnea persists, the child's body must respond by opening his mouth to breathe too much, which will affect the development of the facial jaw area, namely the deviation of the bite joint, the jaw is chanted, the nose is flat,… At the same time, such a respiratory obstruction causes the brain to be deprived of oxygen, sleep is disturbed, affecting psychological and mental development.

2.2 Digestive problems

Too large tonsils hinder the ingestion of food from the mouth down.

2.3 Ear and nose problems

Inflamed tonsils are the main source of bacteria that cause other inflammations in the upper respiratory tract area.

The time to consider a tonsillectarosect for a child is when:

  • In a year back the tonsils become inflamed at least 7 times; or in the last two years the tonsils become inflamed at least 5 times per year; or in the last three years tonsils have become inflamed at least 3 times per year.
  • Excessive tonsils interfere with the upper respiratory tract, causing difficulty swallowing, causing sleep disturbances or causing chronic psychoanity.
  • Tonsils are the cause of complications of sinusitis, otitis, arthritis.
  • Suspected malignant pathology for cases of tonsils to be alone on one side.


Under-treated tonsils can lead to sinusitis

3. Tonsil removal surgery methods suitable for children

For tonsillectarosy in children, various methods can be applied, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

3.1 Cold-cutting of the tonsils

Cold-cutting tonsil surgery (dissection with scissors, knives, noose): This is a traditional tonsil removal surgery, with the advantage of a good healing incision, the process of performing less damage to the surrounding tissues, however the disadvantage is the longest surgical period in the methods and the amount of blood flowing during surgery.

3.2 Surgical removal of tonsils with electric knives (monopolar or bipolar)

This method has the advantage of a fast duration of surgery, the amount of blood flowing during the surgery is small, but because during the surgery the temperature generated is very high affecting the surrounding tissues, namely causing deep burns and causing a lot of pain after the surgery.

Cutting tonsils for children

There are many methods of tonsil removal surgery

3.3 Coblator surgery

Coblator surgery is a new surgical method, with a short duration, less bleeding, limiting damage to the surrounding tissues, thereby shortening the time of the wound.

3.4 Surgery to remove tonsils with plasma knives (PEAK Plasmablade)

As a modern tonsil removal surgery, the duration is short, less bleeding, less pain, helps to limit post-surgery complications as well as help children recover quickly.

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