Causes of children pissing

Bedbugs are urinary insy order to sleep, mainly appearing in children. Bedbugs in children are divided into 2 types that are primitive and second-form. There are many factors that cause children to piss at night, however most are not due to serious pathology.

1. Heredate peeing

One of the two main and most common groups of bedbugs is primary (primary) bedding, when the child urinates continuously for 6 months and never has time to keep dry all night. According to studies, primitive bedding is often heredity. Specifically, the percentage of children at risk of pissing is as follows:

  • If parents used to piss as children: 77%;
  • If only parents used to piss: 44%;
  • If 15% of both parents have never pissed: 15%.

For heredity-in-the-first bedding, most of the other children in the family have been experiencing this condition. In general, primary bedding in children under 5 years of age is not worrying because at this time, the child is still in the process of completing the function of urinary control.

2. Decrease bladder capacity

Small bladder is one of the main reasons why children are often more prone to peeing than adults. In children with pissing,the bladder capacity will also be lower than that of their peers with the following specific manifestations:

  • Daytime: Children with small bladders often urinate more often, sometimes having to quickly run to the toilet to "address the needs" in a timely manner;
  • Night: Your child's ability to keep urine in the bladder all night when sleeping is also poorer.

However, there are cases when anesthesia is performed for examination, doctors find that babies with the above signs have bladders of completely normal size. This proves that the baby's bladder is not small in terms of anatomy, but the body is irritated with urinary reflexes before the bladder is truly full. For such cases the term medicine is called reduced functional capacity.

Is it dangerous to piss a lot?

Small bladder is one of the main reasons why children are often more prone to than adults

3. Increased production of no-night urine

The hormone vasopressin produced by the brain at night plays a role in increasing the reabsorption of water into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the amount of urine excreted in the kidneys. The mechanism of reducing the production of no-night urine makes it possible for people to sleep until morning without interruption due to the sensation of urination. Some studies in this field hypothesized that insufficient production of the hormone vasopressin is the cause of children pissing at night.

Most children 3-5 years old will remain dry all night when the brain has the skills to send signals to the bladder containing more urine, or the brain wakes the child to urinate when the bladder is too full. Therefore, pediatricians believe that it is only necessary to treat bedbugs in children 6 years and older, and this process requires the sympathy of parents as well as cooperation on the part of pediatric patients.

4. Can't wake up

Previously there was a notion that bedbugs were caused by falling asleep deeply or because they were lazy, not yet conscious of maturity. However, current studies find that children pee at night in all stages of sleep. Some children do not respond to reactions from the inside of the body while sleeping, namely, the child is pissed due to the inability to wake up when the bladder reaches its maximum capacity and broadcasts signals to be excreted.

Therefore, parents need to understand the child and not make a fuss every time the child pees during the day or at night to avoid the stressful atmosphere in the family, which can gradually lose confidence and greatly affect the psychological development of the child. Adults should actively seek ways to help children so that they are scientifically suitable for each age to be most effective, instead of negative measures such as laughter and punishment.

5. constipation

Constipation in children

Constipation is also one of the causes of bedbugs in children but is often missed

Constipation is also one of the causes of bedbugs in children but is often missed because most parents are less interested in their child's outing when they know how to sit on their own.

Constipation causes the rectum to fill with feces, causing compression and reducing bladder capacity. Because the bladder is under increased pressure, it causes "misunderstanding", and sends a nerve signal to the brain informing the bag containing the urine is full. Improving constipation in a child can help alleviate or even cure pissing.

6. Second-party psychological factors

A second bedding is when the child has never urinated or has been completely dry at night for 6 months, but then a piss appears. For this form, unusual things that happen in a child's life can be causes, such as:

  • Significant psychological stress: For example, parents divorce, move house, transfer school, lose relatives …;
  • Physical problems: Urinary infections or diabetes;
  • Situational changes: Adjust your diet or bedtime routine.

Second-form pissing usually resolves when psychological problems are resolved steadily. Therefore, the first step to helping the child is to find the problem or incident that is affecting the child.

For older children, parents absolutely do not tease, scold or intimidate when they see them pissing. Instead, it is advisable to reassure and educate the child, encourage the child to urinate before bedtime and not to give too much water at night. In addition, parents can also learn the foods that contribute to the remedy of bedbugs to add to the menu for children, since at this age it is not necessary to treat with drugs.

7. Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse can be a factor that causes bedding in children that surprises many parents. If the child was previously able to sleep dry all night, but is now peeing, parents must at least think about this cause. In addition to changing attitudes and behaviors, children who have been sexually abused also have manifestations such as:

  • Chronic urinary infections;
  • The genitals come out with a lot of secreties;
  • Itching or pain in the closed area.

8. Medical conditions

The cause of daytime or no-night pissing comes from very rare medical conditions, accounting for less than 3% of all cases, and mainly of the type of second-line bedbugs. Similar to night urination in adults, children with pissing can be symptoms of:

  • Sleep apnea;
  • Lack of sickle cell;
  • Urinary tract diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Neurological disorders.

Parents need to take their child to a medical facility for a meticulous examination and do some urine tests to be able to diagnose the cause, as well as find an effective cure.

Although sometimes cases of pissing in severe children can cause urinary infections or dermatitis, however this condition mainly affects the child's mental well-being and natural mental development rather than harming physical health. Some common causes of children pissing during the day and at night are small bladder, sleep apnea, constipation and hormone imbalances… Parents should work with their children to find ways to solve this problem in the most scientific way, avoiding punishment and scolding them.

If it is not possible to improve bedbugs in children with home remedies, parents should take the child to Share99 International Health Hub for a diagnosis of the cause and treatment intervention. Leading urologists at Share99 will carry out necessary examination methods to find out the cause of night urination syndrome and offer the most effective treatment advice, helping children return to normal activities soon.

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