Causes of increased blood prolactin

Increased blood prolactin is a condition characterized by high levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood. There are various causes of this phenomenon, one of which is commonly caused by a disorder of the lower axis- the sedial gland.

1. Increased blood prolactin?

Prolactin is a hormone produced from the pit glands. It helps stimulate and maintain the production of breast milk. Increased blood prolactin describes an excess of this hormone in the body. Blood prolactin intensity is a common endcormonal pathology caused by axial-pitinous axis disorders. The disease is also possible in men, but is more common in females.

2. Causes of increased blood prolactin

There are 3 main causes of blood prolactin increase, including:

2.1 Causes of pathology

  • Mealine tumours have two forms of microadenoma (less than 10mm) and macroadenoma (larger than 10 mm). In pitu pituous adenomas, prolactin secretes the most common, accounting for more than 30% of cases of blood prolactin strengthening. Pit pitr tumors can pinch, preventing dopamine from descending from the lower hill, lacking the "obstruction" effect of blood prolactin-boosting dopamine that occurs. Cons, 25% of GH pitaline tumors can increase prolactin secrete.
  • Thyroid failure (low levels of thyroid hormones).
  • Macroprolactinemia, this is the polymer form of many prolactin molecules. These polymers are usually attached to IgG and are incapable of bonding to prolactin receptors, but also have little effect on prolactin.
  • Autoimmune conditions of the pituitary gland, which impregnate lymphocytes can also cause blood prolactin. Typical of this form is lymphocytic hypophysitis in women of child age.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Diseases of the lower hills: The lower hillside functions as a link between the nervous system and the quiet gland. An increase in prolactin levels can often be directly related to tumors, injuries or infections of the lower hills.
  • Spinal cord lesions.
  • Chronic renal failure.

2.2 Biological causes

  • Pregnancy: Serum prolactin increases throughout pregnancy, reaching its peak at birth. The possible cause of increased blood prolactin is an increase in serum estradiol levels during pregnancy. About six weeks after birth, the secretory of estradiol has decreased and the concentration of prolactin in the serum is normal, even when the mother is breastfeeding.
  • Lactation period: Irritation of the nipple during breastfeeding increases the concentration of prolactin in the blood, perhaps through the nervous path. In the first weeks after birth, the concentration of prolactin in the blood can increase up to 300 ng / mL compared to normal in response to breastfeeding.
  • Stimulates the nipples, rubs the chest area, mastectomy, wears too tight bras.

Causes of increased blood prolactin

Stimulates nipples, rubs the chest area, mastectomy, wears too tight bras

  • Exercise, sleep too much.
  • Stress
  • Trauma, surgery.

2.3 Pharmacological causes

Some groups of drugs have side effects that cause increased blood prolactin such as:

  • Depressants: Desipramine, clomipramine
  • Psychiatric drugs
  • Anti-blood pressure medication: Verapamil
  • Histamine H2 blockers such as cimetidin, ranitidin
  • Anti-vomiting drugs such as metoclopramide
  • Estrogen.

In summary, high blood prolactin levels are considered completely normal during pregnancy and lactation, however increased prolactin may occur at other times due to pathular causes and drug use. One of the more common causes is the formation of a benign tumor on the quiet gland. Increased prolactin can affect both women and men, leading to genital disorders if not treated in a timely manner.

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