Causes of miscarriage due to pregnancy

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Pregnancy causes are one of the causes of early miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. In particular, pregnancy with chromic abnormalities is the majority cause.

1. What is a miscarriage?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, miscarriage is the phenomenon of pregnancy being thrown out of the uterus before week 22 of pregnancy or when the pregnancy has a weight less than 500g, termination of pregnancy before pregnancy can live independently outside the uterus. If a miscarriage takes place before 12 weeks called an early miscarriage, a miscarriage that takes place in 12-20 weeks is called a late miscarriage.

It is difficult to assess the actual rate of miscarriages, since many women miscarry before knowing they are pregnant. Among women who already know they are pregnant, the miscarriage rate is about 12% and 50% of these miscarriages before 8 weeks of gestation. 80% of miscarriages in the first tri tri month of pregnancy and 20% of miscarriages in the three months between pregnancies.

There are many causes of miscarriage, which can be caused by the health of the mother, of the father, by the impact from the external environment or also by the problems of the pregnancy itself suchas chroma abnormalities , diseases in the placenta or the location of the egg when nesting in the uterus is not suitable.


There are many causes of miscarriage

2. Causes of miscarriage due to pregnancy

2.1 Pregnancy with chroma abnormalities

In normal human cells containing 23 pairs of chroma, which are half hereded from the father and half from the mother, Chroma are DNA containing genetic information, which helps regulate all the characteristics of the body, from cell growth to hair color , skin color, eye color,…

Fetal chroma abnormalities are the cause of the majority of miscarriages in the first 3 months. It is estimated that two-thirds of early miscarriages are associated with chroma abnormalities in the fetus. Chroma deviation at the time of fertilization will cause the fetus to lack or excess chroma. Common disorders are pairs of chroma chroma no. 6,12,13,16, 17.18, 21; disorders in sex chromosomes or abnormal chromosomes of the form of multipleities, triads, mosaics. In particular, chromochromochromochroma are the most common chromochroma abnormalities, accounting for 50-65%; 45XO monosynthym disorder occurs at 7-15%, quadruple 10% and structural abnormalities account for 5%.

Chroma abnormalities in pregnancy that cause a common miscarriage will not be related to the next pregnancies. And miscarriage due to pregnancy with chromic abnormalities also does not mean that the chroma of the parent has abnormalities.

Pregnancy with chroma abnormalities

Pregnancy with chroma abnormalities causes miscarriage

2.2 Pregnancy with placenta problems

The placenta plays an extremely important role, helping to transport nutrients from the mother's body through the fetus. If the placenta has abnormalities, it can cause a miscarriage.

2.3 Due to abnormal nesting eggs

Eggs after fertilization will move into the uterus for nesting. If the egg clings to such positions as in the corner, at the waist of the uterus it is very easy to miscarry. In addition, if it is twin pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, multiple amniotic fluids, full or semi-egging also increases the risk of miscarriage.

3. What to do after a miscarriage?

Miscarriage is something no one wants to happen, there are many causes that lead to miscarriages beyond the control of the father and mother, the causes of miscarriage due to pregnancy are an example. Therefore, after a miscarriage, mothers do not blame themselves, blame themselves. Follow your doctor's treatment guidelines, take plenty of rest, eat well, think optimistically, positively. Mothers have a lot of opportunities to get pregnant next and have healthy children.

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