4D ultrasound milestones throughout pregnancy

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4D ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe, modern diagnostic technique that brings a lot of value in fetal er ermity surveys. Depending on the health situation of the mother and baby, the doctor will recommend performing appropriate 4D ultrasound milestones.

1. The purpose of 4D pregnancy ultrasound

4D pregnancy ultrasound is performed periodically in different stages of pregnancy aimed at:

  • Assessment of the condition and development of the fetus;
  • Screening for fetal malformations;

2. Is a lot of ultrasound good?

Ultrasound is painless and there is currently no evidence that multiple ultrasounds will harm the baby. However, it is recommended not to have too many ultrasounds that make pregnant women tired from having to walk, wait, take time to rest and be economically expensive.


Multiple pregnancy ultrasounds should not be recommended when the gestational age is young

3. Important 4D Ultrasonic Milestones

In fact, 4D pregnancy ultrasound is not always done. There are forms of malformations in the fetus that are detected only by ultrasound at a certain time during pregnancy. During regular visits, the doctor will tell the pregnant woman the appropriate 4D ultrasound milestones. The following 3 4D ultrasound milestones are considered mandatory to determine whether the fetus develops normally:

3.1. 4D Ultrasound of the Week 11 – 13

This is the only time a pregnant woman can be measured for napeskin opacity , in order to predict some dangerous abnormalities associated with chromochromia (the leading cause of Down syndrome, heart and genus malformation, diaphragm hernia,…). If abnormalities are detected, the doctor will prescribe the pregnant woman to perform amniotic puncture at weeks 17 – 18 to diagnose the disease.

During this ultrasound, the doctor may also detect a number of other malformations, such as infertile pregnancy, abdominal wall openings, no nasal bones,… During this period, the doctor also advises women to do additional double tests to test for congenital fetal abnormalities.

3.2. 4D Ultrasound of the Week 21 – 22

By the time the baby was 21-22 weeks old, the doctor was able to observe all the abnormalities associated with the erm of the pregnancy, including cleft lip malformations, cleft palate, malformations in the organs and internal organs.

This 4D ultrasound milestone is extremely important because almost all malformations manifest at this time. Moreover, if the maternity needs to suspend the pregnancy, it must be done before the 22nd week of gestation.


4D Ultrasound of the Week 22 – 23

3.3. 4D Ultrasound of the Week 31 – 32

During this period, 4D ultrasound can be detected some er erm abnormalities that occur late, such as abnormalities in arteries, heart or in brain structure, digestive system abnormalities … In addition, this ultrasound also helps the doctor to recognize the condition of the fetus's developmental delay in the uterus, which is the cause of pregnancy failure, still death and post-calving asphyxiation.

Pregnancy malformations detected during this time cannot be intervened, but appropriate responses can be sought at birth, such as choosing a place of birth, appropriate birth methods for pregnant women and preparing for the timely care and treatment of babies immediately afterwards.

4D ultrasound milestones play an important role in helping doctors accurately detect malformations in the fetus. However, this does not mean that the pregnant woman has only had an ultrasound three times during the period of pregnancy. Depending on the health situation of the mother and baby, the doctor can make a specific appointment for an ultrasound as well as perform other necessary tests.

Because of the healthy development of the baby as soon as it is in the fetus, the ultrasound of the 4D fetus on the right milestones should be paid special attention by the mothers.

Master. Dr Ta Quoc Original is a Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of Thai Nguyen Tw General Health Hub, Deputy Dean of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of University of Medicine. The doctor has a full range of practice certificates in the field of obstetrics and gynecology such as ultrasound, laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy and cervical incul burning, artificial insefining (IUI) …

Experience and strengths in the fields of:

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  • Laparoscopic surgery in gynecology
  • Pre-production consulting
  • Examination and consultation of gynecology diseases
  • Rare examination and consultation, performing the technique of pumping sperm into the uterus chamber,
  • Pre-vaccination screening and post-vaccination response handling…

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