Important pregnancy milestones pregnant women need to remember

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During pregnancy, there are important pregnancy milestones that pregnant mothers need to keep in mind for on-time examinations, in order to monitor the health of the mother and fetus, and to detect and promptly handle abnormal signs of pathology.

In order to be able to best monitor the health situation of pregnant mothers and the development of the fetus located in the womb, it is necessary to know the important pregnancy milestones. Important pregnancy milestones include the first 3 months (3 times), the middle 3 months, the last 3 months. Thus, during pregnancy, the woman needs to remember 7 necessary pregnancy check-up milestones, some other cases experience abnormal problems such as high blood pressure or conditions during pregnancy, the number of pregnancy visits will be more. The woman during pregnancy will be told by her doctor about the schedule of regular pregnancyexaminations, thereby sticking to the schedule and going to a medical facility for examination. Important pregnancy examination and testing milestones are explained specifically as follows:

1. First visit

After the woman is 3 weeks late for menstruation and there are signs of suspected pregnancy such as sickness,vomiting, nausea, trying the pregnancy test stick only results in 2 lines … it is necessary to go to the pregnancy examination for the first time to determine if the pregnancy is actually or not. At this time, the tests performed are blood tests and fetal ultrasounds. Some of the diseases that can be detected during the first pregnancy examination are ???, diabetes mellitus, hypertension… The doctor will then advise the current state of health of the mother whether to continue the pregnancy, if it cannot afford it, there will be a termination of the pregnancy at this time. In addition, the woman also received a gynecologic examination,detected dangerous diseases such as ovariantumors, uterinefibroids, cervical cancer …, from which there will be effective treatments.

Ultrasound of gynecology probes

Gynecology examination detects pathology

2. 2nd pregnancy visit

The second important pregnancy examination is carried out at the time of week 11-14. Between weeks 11 and 12, the maternity is given an ultrasound to see how the pregnancy develops and to calculate the date of birth, to have a basis for diagnosing a full-month or under-birth baby, to know if the pregnancy is old or not. In week 10-14, the maternity will receive 3D, 4D ultrasound and this is also one of the only pregnancy examination milestones where the maternity measures the skin opacity of the nape to diagnose Down syndrome.

3. 3rd pregnancy visit

The third examination was made at the 16th- 20th week. At the 16th week, the maternity received a detailed erthicalultrasound that thoroughly examined the malformations of the tha i and conducted a number of sub-clinical tests to monitor the development of the pregnancy. At about the 15th to 19th weeks, birth defects or fetal malformations can be detected.

If not detected early in these weeks, when the pregnancy is larger, it will be difficult to find abnormalities in shape, so the maternity needs to go to the examination according to the schedule of the pregnancy examination given by the doctor. If there are deformity, the maternity may have to terminate the pregnancy or will have to handle it as soon as possible.

By the 20th week, gestational blood pressure can be detected as a precaution in case of pre-seizurepathology, which can occur in the following weeks. During this examination, it is possible to know if the fetus is malnourished in the uterus, from which there will be changes in the mother's diet to overcome this condition.

Blood test

Sub-clinical tests performed on the 3rd visit

4. 4th pregnancy visit

At the 21st- 25th week, the maternity will perform the 4th pregnancy examination. Around week 21-22, the maternity continues to receive a detailed erth form ultrasound that thoroughly examines the malformations of the pregnancy and the development of the child in the uterus. This is also one of the important pregnancy milestones that women should note, because on women who have a cleft uterus or have ovarian tumors, procedures such as stitching of the cervical collar, peeling, cutting of ovarian tumors should be carried out during this period to handle the above conditions.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

5. 5th pregnancy visit

The maternity is examined and tested at the 26th week. In particular, during the regular pregnancy check-up, this is a pregnancy examination where the maternity will be given a tetanus vaccine attached, be it a first-time injection or a repeat injection.

6. 6th pregnancy visit

Conducted in weeks 31-35, from weeks 31 to 32, the maternity will be examined, ultrasounded and vaccinated for the second tetanus vaccination in her pregnancy. During this examination, you will know if the pregnancy, the pelvis is asymmetrical to the weight of the pregnancy … from there, it is possible to identify in advance and the predest of life in the best way.

Is pregnancy after influenza and diphtheria-pertusus-tetanus vaccine safe

2nd tetanus vaccination in pregnancy

7. 7th pregnancy visit

This is the most important pregnancy check-up milestone of all pregnancy check-up milestones. This can be the time of birth of a woman, be it a normal birth or a cesarean section. In some cases the striker is the same, narrowing the pelvis, having an old incision, a cesarean section is required. During this stage of birth preparation, the maternity will be carefully monitored for health status, amniotic fluid condition, placenta, fetal condition, fetal heart, fetal weight, fetus… to prepare for labor and the birth to be carried out most favorable.

Understanding important pregnancy milestones helps women be more proactive in visiting medical facilities to be examined and monitored about the health status of themselves and the fetus. During pregnancy, the mother's body has great changes and health risks for both mother and baby can occur at any time, so the woman needs to visit according to the schedule of pregnancy examination that the consultant can anticipate as well as have a timely plan to handle bad situations.

The first 3 months are the most sensitive time during pregnancy, in addition to noting important pregnancy milestones during this period and the entire pregnancy. In order for the mother and baby to be healthy, it should be noted:

  • Understand early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy poisoning, bleeding during pregnancy.
  • The first pregnancy examination is timely, correct and sufficient, avoiding the examination too early / too late.
  • Screening for fetal malformations at the 12th week detects dangerous fetal malformations that can intervene early.
  • Distinguishes the usual vaginal bleeding and pathology vaginal bleeding for timely pregnancy retention intervention.
  • Screening for thyroid disease in the first 3 months of pregnancy avoids dangerous risks before and during childbirth.

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