Good nuts, lots of good nutrition for pregnant women

Eating nutritious nuts during pregnancy is not only safe, but also brings a multitude of health benefits. This is a great way to provide many essential nutrients for the fetus as well as to ensure the health of the mother.

1. Health benefits of nutritious nuts

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy about whether eating nuts is safe during pregnancy? Although nutritious grains have a multitude of health benefits, they are also considered a common allergen. Much of the concern revolves around the fact that babies are at risk of food allergies. However, research has proven the opposite. Eating nutritious grains during pregnancy can protect the baby from later allergies. In other words, children may be less likely to suffer from nut allergies if they add nuts to the pregnant woman's nutrition.

Moreover, some experts have said that eating nuts during pregnancy can improve awareness in children. The mothers' babies who ate 56 – 85g of nuts a week during pregnancy tended to score higher on tests of memory, attention and IQ. Women are advised to eat nuts at least 3 times a week, especially almonds, walnuts and chestnuts.


Nutritional nut supplements during pregnancy give birth smarter

All of the above nuts provide many beneficial nutrients for both the average person and the pregnant mother. Even peanuts – essentially a legume rather than seeds but they are also considered a healthy snack option in the diet for pregnant women.

Nuts that are good for pregnant women contain many important nutrients, especially necessary during pregnancy. Pregnant women must replenish about 142g of protein a day, while only 28g of nuts already contain up to 56.6g of protein. You will find some valuable nutrients in different nuts, including:

  • roughage
  • protein
  • Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
  • B and E vitamins
  • Omega-3
  • L-arginine (an amino acid necessary to make proteins in the body)
  • And many other nutrients…

All these nutrients are valuable for fetal development and help pregnant mothers stay healthy. Nuts that are good for pregnant women are also convenient to carry anywhere, so this is a healthy option to enjoy whenever you feel hungry.

pregnant mother nutrition

Each nut adds different nutritional values

2. Nuts that are good for pregnant women

Any nut will provide you with separate health benefits. However, for pregnant women, there are 5 special nuts that help provide the necessary nutrients, while also significantly improving their health and mood.

2.1. almond

Almonds are rich in minerals (copper, manganese, phosphorus) and are an abundant source of vitamin E. Almonds not only help improve the digestive system, but also have the ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure – very important factors to reduce the risk of pre-production in pregnant women.

2.2. peanut

Peanuts are an excellent source of protein and folate (Folic acid or vitamin B9), which well supports the brain and spine development of the fetus. This simple snack also contains many other valuable minerals, such as biotin, copper and manganese.

2.3. Macadamia Nuts

This tropical nutritious nut also comes with a multitude of health benefits. In addition to bringing a lot of vitamins andminerals, the beans also contain fiber, which helps to balance the digestive system. Macadamia also works to help control blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.


Cocoa beans contain many vitamins and minerals

2.4. Laughing chestnuts (pistachios)

Laughing chestnuts can be transformed into a variety of dishes, from trail mix snacks, to cakes and more. They are rich in antioxidants (e.g. vitamin E) and minerals (including zinc, iron and selenium). Like other nuts, pistachios also contain a lot of fiber, so it is essential for the digestive system to function well.

2.5. Walnuts

The outside of the walnuts is almost identical in shape to the brain, the inside is rich in omega-3 – a nutrient that enhances brain health. Walnuts also contain a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals, which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2.6. Other nuts

  • Chia seeds

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the brain development of the baby. Each 100g of chia seeds contains up to 19.3g of Omega-3, which is 8 times higher than in salmon and a lot higher than other foods. Chia seeds for pregnant women also contain twice as much folic acid as lettuce. Helps replenish red blood cells and prevent defects in the nervous tube in the fetus.

  • Lotus seeds

This nut is rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus… good for the kidneys, spleen, mental health and mood of the pregnant mother. Lotus seeds also have a positive effect on the development of the fetal nervous system and brain. It is possible to process lotus seeds into nutritious dishes such as chicken stewed lotus seeds, tea … to eat every week or month, do not overdo this nut.

lotus seeds

Chicken stewed with nutritious lotus seeds for pregnant women
  • Pumpkin seeds

Not only delicious, pumpkin seeds also provide necessary nutrients such as iron, potassium, fats, vitamins, calories … Moreover, eating pumpkin seeds daily will also reduce the risk of depression during and after pregnancy, helping pregnant mothers relax and stay awake.

  • Granules

The alaktomannan substance contained in granules is a form of Carbohydrates, which has the effect of limiting osteoarthritis pain in the last months of pregnancy. Large amounts of water and fiber also help pregnant women digest better, avoid constipation,indgestion,… For the fetus, granules help supplement antibacterial nutrients and support comprehensive brain development. However, pregnant mothers should not overeen, it is necessary to consult a doctor to take it appropriately.

  • cashew

This nut is completely cholesterol-free, very safe for the heart. In addition, cashews are rich in magnesium and calcium, contributing to the building of strong muscles and bones for the fetus. The nutrients in cashew nuts also make it easier for pregnant women to absorb iron. Every day, pregnant mothers should consume about 1/4 cup of cashews.

  • Sunflower seeds

Contains better protein content than any other nut, at the same time the calorie count is quite low. Vitamin E and amino acids in sunflower seeds help improve resistance, provide a safe pregnancy and avoid the risk of miscarriage. In addition, nutrients in sunflower seeds also avoid anemia in pregnant women.


Sunflower seeds provide abundant proteins
  • Beans

Although not belonging to the nutritional groups,legumes are also one of the dishes that should be added to the nutrition for pregnant women. Chickpeas, lentils, black beans and soybeans also provide a lot of fiber, protein, iron, folic, calcium and zinc. Pregnant mothers can enjoy these beans in soups, salads, or in combination with biscuits, sandwiches or roasted nuts.

3. Some notes when using nuts

To ensure the health of the pregnant mother, the following should be noted when using nuts.

  • Peeled seeds must be kept in a sealed container or in the refrigerator so as not to rancid;
  • Roasted seeds in oil can contain unnecessary calories and high protein;
  • Baked seeds will taste better, but reduce nutrient content;
  • Do not eat too many seeds, instead it is necessary to diversify the diet for pregnant women as directed by the doctor so as not to lose other important nutrients of the baby.


Women need adequate nutritional supplements during pregnancy

In summary, nutritious nuts are high in fats, minerals, vitamins, proteins and folic acid. This is the perfect choice for pregnant women looking for healthy snacks. It is especially necessary to combine nuts in the nutrition for pregnant women, which help prevent neurological tube defects and allergies to food in babies. If the pregnant mother has any questions about eating nuts during pregnancy, consult your doctor for accurate information.

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