Recommendations for egg cultivation for conception

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Couples looking forward to having a baby often choose to watch their ovulation to conceive. However, if done improperly, not only does the egg soup conceive ineffectively, but it also makes the couple's mentality more stressful.

1. What is egg soup?

Sperm has a lifespan of 3-5 days when living in a female vaginal environment. Eggs have a shorter lifespan, can live only 12-24 hours. Therefore, the easiest time to conceive in a woman's menstrual cycle is the day before ovulation. Couples who are looking to have children should have sex several times during this period to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, ovulation soup for conception will help women be more proactive in planning their maternity.

Ovulation is a phenomenon that occurs in the woman's body, every month the woman's body produces a certain number of eggs. For women with a regular menstrual cycle, the date of ovulation can be calculated according to the menstrual cycle. However, for women who have too long, too short or unstable menstrual cycles, the above calculation is not correct. At that time, it is possible to estimate the date of ovulation through some signs of the body (hyperthermia, vaginal secretion,…), or use an ovulation test stick, an ultrasound of the ovule cyst,…

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

2. What should ovulation soup for conception be aware of?

In fact, there are many couples who do not properly understand or lack information about when ovulation is ovulated for conception, which leads to inappropriate implementation. This can even reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, costly, time-consuming and ermful stress for couples who are expecting children day by day.

2.1. Intersed time window to make it easier to get pregnant

Here's what to know from a medical point of view (NICE, 2013):

  • "Window time " intersedis most likely to get pregnant in 6 days: 5days before ovulation and ovulation date. Eggs after ovulation are only best fertilized in the first 12 hours (up to 24 hours after ovulation). The date of intersing is most likely to become pregnant at least 2 days before ovulation.

Recommendations for egg cultivation for conception

Illustration of the "time window" prone to pregnancy

Of which:

  • Tossing axis is the possibility of pregnancy/1 intersym
  • The diaphragm axis is the date of interseding according to the date of ovulation (day 0).

Studies have explained that:

  • The date of intersing is most likely to become pregnant at the two days before the ovulation [tức là ngày (-1) và ngày (-2)] . Intersym on the day of ovulation, the likelihood of pregnancy is equivalent to 1 intersym 3 days before ovulation.
  • For women with a relatively even menstrual cycle, the day of ovulation is usually about 14 days before menstruation.
  • The frequency of intersing is most likely to become pregnant every 2-3 days. Long abstinence from intersing will reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.
  • Measures such as temperature soup, "ovulation rod" test, ultrasound of ovule cyst soup have not been proven to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. It is also costly, stressful and can reduce pregnancy rates by ignoring the most susceptible days of interseding (1-2 days before ovulation).

2.2. Ovule soup

Ovulesoup, also known as ovule soup, is an experimental treatment. Few books prove to be effective.

  • Ultrasound of the ovule cyst does not make ovulation, but only monitors the cysts on the ovaries. In addition, the cyst seen on the ultrasound is unlikely to have eggs inside.
  • Ultrasound of the ovary cyst is usually only highly accurate in resuscitation, that is, knowing that the ovulation is already ovulation when the cyst collapses. After ovulation, the chances of intersing to get pregnant are very low.
  • Ovule soup ultrasound usually uses contraceptive condoms wrapped outside the vaginal probe. These condoms all contain a lot of lubricants, which have a very high spermicide effect. Repeated ultrasound will cause the accumulation of this oil in the vagina and have a "contraceptive" effect.
  • Ovule soup ultrasound tends to delay intersthety and skips the most favorable time to get pregnant. The woman also takes travel time, costs for ultrasound and tends to align more.

3. Doctor's recommendations

Recommendations for egg cultivation for conception

Understanding the cycle to the most standard pregnancy

According to doctors, the date of ovulation can be estimated based on several ways of calculating the date of ovulation. Couples who only need to watch their ovulation for conception, and regular interseding in the "window of easy pregnancy" (6 days, at best 1-2 days before ovulation) are most likely to get pregnant, less expensive, less stressed, less time-consuming.

In addition, it is advisable to limit the "ultrasonic soup of the ovule cyst". Some couples who are too anxious to go for an ultrasound of noan soup. However, it is recommended to monitor the ovary cyst only when ovarian stimulants are used and the number of ultrasounds should be limited.

If the couple is newly married and has a normal relationship and is not yet pregnant, it should not be too worried. If this condition lasts more than 1 year for a 35-year-old female friend, the couple will worry about the < 35 tuổi và hơn 6 tháng với nữ > possibility of rarity and infertility.

On the other hand, some young people after marriage can change their habits, eating, mood, emotions, environment … should be able to make a small change in hormone balance. This can completely affect the moment of ovulation and the menstrual cycle of the woman, making menstruation appear earlier or later.

To be more assured of their fertility health, it is best for the couple to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to get the best advice from doctors about the time of ovulation in order to increase the likelihood of successful conception.

To prepare for a healthy pregnancy, both spouses should check for birth health from 3-5 months before pregnancy.

The wife should:

  • Vaccination before pregnancy (especially rubella prevention because rubella during pregnancy is extremely dangerous)
  • Genetic testing to screen for genetic diseases before pregnancy
  • Check for gynecologic inflammation that affects the health of mothers and fetuses
  • Especially women over 35 years of age who want to become pregnant (especially not yet pregnant) will have to have a very detailed health check because pregnancy at this age often has problems: Ovarian failure, premature birth, higher risk of fetal malformations, forward vegetables, pre-production.

The husband should:

  • Examination of reproduction health, detection of testicular atrophy, weak physical weakness, weak sperm …
  • The most sexually transmitted diseases are those that cannot be cured extremely dangerously

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