Forms of targeted treatment in cancer

Targeted treatment will only work if the tumor has specific molecules (also known as target molecules) so that the drug can be targeted or may no longer be effective if these specific molecules have changed.

1. What is targeted treatment in cancer?

Targeted cancer therapy is a cancer treatment using drugs. It differs from traditional chemotherapy. The drug here is a therapy with a specific goal that helps prevent the growth and spread of tumors. They work by attacking specialized genes or proteins. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or those that are involved in tumor growth.

Target drug for cancer

The drug here is a therapy with specific goals that helps prevent the growth and spread of tumors

2. Types of targeted treatment

There are two main types of targeted treatment: small molecular drugs and monoty current antibodies.

  • Small molecular drugs have the ability to penetrate cancer cells and destroy them.
  • Monosynthetic antibodies are not capable of penetrating cancer cells, so the drug has the effect of targeting the area around the tumor. Thanks to this property, monotypies can be used to target chemicals or radiotherapy at tumors, increasing the effectiveness of killing cancer cells.

These are not the only two types of targeted treatment that have been offered, many others have been studied and developed, such as:

  • Hormone therapy: Certain types of diseases such as breast cancer or prostate cancer need certain hormones to be able to develop. Your doctor may prescribe medications to prevent the human body from producing or disableing these hormones. The drug tamoxifen is an example of hormone therapy with the effect of blocking estrogen – a hormone that has been proven to be associated with breast cancer.
  • Signal transfer inhibitors: It is one of the most popular targeted treatments. The drug has the effect of blocking signals that make the cell abnormal or too fast.
  • Gene expression conditioning drugs: This type of targeted treatment has the effect of changing proteins that guide the expression of abnormal genes.
  • Drugs that cause cell a loss: Acything is a process of cell death that has been programmed and occurs with all cells that have lived long or have lesions. Cancer cells often find a way to "evade" this acythic process, so researchers have developed drugs to make cancer cells go through the process like a normal cell.
  • Anti-vascular medications: These drugs prevent the formation of blood vessels that provide nutrients to the tumor.
  • Auto-immune therapy: This therapy strengthens the immune system so that the immune system can destroy malignant cells more effectively or. The drug can also mark malignant cells so that the immune system can easily find and destroy before they spread.

Before deciding to use targeted treatment to treat your cancer, your doctor will have to do tests to determine if this method is right for your cancer.

3. Some side effects of targeted treatments

Target drug for cancer

The most common side effect in patients on targeted treatment is skin problems

Targeted treatment can cause a number of side effects such as diarrhea, liver problems such as hepatitis, hair, nail/foot and skin problems.

The most common side effect in patients on targeted treatment is skin problems caused by drugs that often attack the factors and blood vessels needed to have a healthy skin. Observe the following symptoms:

  • Rash or rash on the skin in the areas of the face, neck, chest and back. These marks can create a feeling of itching, pain and possible infection. They usually appear when you start treatment and disappear after you finish your targeted treatment.
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Dry skin
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Swelling or sores of nails and toenails

If you observe the above symptoms, you should immediately talk to your doctor to promptly treat and avoid dermatitis.

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