Stages of orgasm during sex

Both men and women go through four stages during sex but the duration of each stage can be very different. Men usually orgasm earlier than women, while women can take up to 15 minutes afterwards to reach the top. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have an orgasm during an intersedity.

1. What stages does the feeling of peaking in men go through?

1.1 Stimulation phase

This period usually begins after 10-30 seconds after the couple begins to develop a desire for each other and can last from a few minutes to several hours. In men, the penis begins to erect a little, the nipple begins to contract. Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate all increase.

1.2 Period of euphoria

This stage begins as the stimulus continues to reach a higher level. The male penis becomes fully erect. Breathing and pulse both increase rapidly. The skin in some areas may be red and hot as in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck or face. At the same time, the muscles in the thighs, hips, hands, buttocks begin to stiffen or contract.

1.3 Orgasm

This is the culmination of intersing but also the shortest period and lasts only for a few seconds. Male semen is secreted from the urethra, this is the moment when the man begins to feel orgasm or "ionl". Semen will be released from the penis by the time contractions begin to occur. Breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure continue to increase, muscles tighten as men achieve orgasm. Sometimes the muscles in the arms and legs are tightened according to the reflex when orgasm takes place.


Semen will be released from the penis by the time contractions begin to occur

1.4 Recovery phase

During this period, both men return to rest, which can last a few minutes up to half an hour or longer depending on the couple. Often the recovery in females will be longer than in men. The male penis after ionism will begin to return to its normal state and it will take some time to be able to get an erection again after sex. The period between two fast or slow erections varies in each person and depends on age, physical condition and a number of other factors. The skin also does not flush anymore and relaxation of the muscles takes place in the whole body.

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2. What stages does the feeling of peaking in women go through?

2.1 Stimulation phase

In women, the most important sign at this stage is that the vagina begins to secrete lubrication. Vaginal size is longer and wider in preparation for imminent intersym. Then women feel flamboyance in the body, the vagina gradually gets more wet, the cit is enlarged, the skin in the genital area is darker due to blood strain or some women have redness of the skin in the face, neck due to increased libido. Heart rate and blood pressure both increased. In some women, on the body, especially the chest area that emerges red areas, which is harmless, there is no need to worry, the muscle bundles are also prepared for stronger contractions.

2.2 Period of euphoria

This stage requires women to use all senses and imagination. There are physical changes that occur during this period including the amount of translation secreted by the vagina that helps lubricate during intersym.

At this time, the heart rate and blood pressure increase faster, more urgently than before. The amount of blood mobilized by the body to the penis and the lips of the is much more and makes this sensitive position darker, and the spasms of the muscles make them firmer, more stiff. The upectoral protrusion is high, the breast also becomes more erect than before the irritation.


Heart rate and blood pressure rise faster, more urgently during the period of euphoria

2.3 Peaking period

This is the most talked about period when it comes to orgasm. So how long does the feeling of peaking last in women? Orgasms in women usually last longer than men's orgasms. Some women orgasm several times during an intersediable but not everyone has that "privilege".

When orgasming, the entire female body receives the rushing circulation of blood, and that strong circulation brings a feeling of disilysed, trembling to the entire muscle bundles in the body. At this time, the inner side of the vagina will contract in batches, and then it can leak or someone will shoot out a small amount of oily solution, also known as "female semen".

2.4 Recovery phase

The amount of blood used to accumulate in the female genitals begins to decrease and dissipate. There are several emotions that appear at this stage, including feelings of happiness, comfort and sometimes a feeling of drowsiness. These feelings vary from woman to woman.

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