Signs of zinc deficiency

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan – Pediatrician – Pediatrics – Newborn – Share99 Da Nang International Health Hub.

Zinc is essential for the functioning of the immune system. People with zinc deficiency are susceptible to infections, colds and flu. The common zinc deficiency is slow growth, mild and moderate malnutrition, slow growth in height.

1. Zinc deficiency in children?

In Viet Nam, 7 in 10 children under 5 years of age and 10 pregnant mothers have zinc deficiency. The zinc deficiency rate in pregnant women was 80.3%, women of child birth age 63.6% and children under 5 years of age were 69.4%.

Currently, the Diet of Vietnamese people is lacking foods rich in zinc,besides the quality of each meal is quite low, food derived from animals is lacking quite a lot.

Especially for children, subjects often anorexia, when nutritional quality is not guaranteed with anorexia, zinc deficiency is difficult to avoid.

Zinc deficiency

The proportion of women and young children lacking zinc in Viet Nam is on the rise

2. Signs of zinc deficiency

The common zinc deficiency manifestations are growth retness, mild and moderate malnutrition, delayed height growth,…

Children with loss of appetite or decreased appetite, decreased feeding, no eating of fish meat, slow digestion, mild constipation, nausea and prolonged vomiting in the child.

Children often have difficulty sleeping at night, awake several times. The disease can even impair brain activity, sluggish daydreaming, paranoia, speech atagument, taste and smell disorders, motor mental retness, disability, cerebral palsy,…

Recurrent infections in the respiratory tract (rhinotitis, recurrent bronchitis), gastrointestinal inflammation, dermatitis, acne, pustules, mucositis.

Children have long-healing wounds, or allergies, brittle hair that is fragile, brittle, weak nails.

3. What's wrong with zinc deficiency? How does it affect your child?

Zinc is essential for the functioning of the immune system. People with zinc deficiency are susceptible to infections, colds and flu. Zinc deficiency is one of the main reasons for hair loss. It weakens the cells on the scalp and broken, dry hair.

Zinc plays an important role in learning and memory. Zinc deficiency interferes with mental skills and damages the nervous system.

Even zinc deficiency causes ermxia. Zinc deficiency affects the taste and smell so that the child does not have appetite when eating. Children are physically retested especially in height.

5 common myths about seasonal flu

Zinc deficiency makes the child's body more susceptible to colds, flu

4. How should zinc deficiency babies be supplemented?

As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), zinc needs for children depend on each age.

Children under 3 months need 3 mg of zinc per day, children from 5 months – 12 months are 5 – 8 mg daily, in children from 1 year old – 10 years old need about 10 – 15 mg /day to develop the most optimal height and physicality.

For babies under 6 months of age the best source of zinc and the easiest to absorb is breast milk. However, the amount of zinc in breast milk will gradually decrease over time. Therefore, the mother needs to maintain the amount of zinc in the milk as well as add zinc to the development of the child.

Foods rich in zinc can be mentioned as: copper shrimp, eel, oysters, oysters, pork liver, milk, beef, egg yolk, fish, soybeans, oilseeds (almonds, cashews, peanuts), old coconut pulp, sweet potatoes …

In addition, it is best for children to absorb zinc, so they should supplement their vitamin C from the fresh fruits rich in the amount of vitamin C available such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit …

For anorexic children, especially sick children should take some zinc micro-supplements in combination with Lysine,Taurine, Vitamins of group B …

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