Steps to store cold sperm

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Sperm freezing consists of freezing sperm and storing it at extremely low temperatures, in order to stop the biological clock and allow samples to persist for long periods of time.

1. Sperm refrigeration storage procedure.

Sperm cold storage is a technique that helps preserve sperm at extremely low temperatures with liquid nitrogen, which can be down to negative 196oC. This process is carried out by many complex stages and requires meticulousness, carefulness, strict procedures to ensure the quality of sperm when put into use. By cold storage of sperm,sperm can be stored for many years without being affected by quality. Cold-storage sperm can be used for artificial inseination or in vism in vism fertilization.

The process of cold storage of sperm:

1.1 Blood tests

Several tests should be performed to ensure that you are not infected with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, Hepatitis B, and syphilis.

Infertility in men

Check health assessment before freezing sperm

1.2. Sperm sampling

Sperm samples should be taken by masturbation and ionization into a special container (erm, wide mouth, made of material that is not toxic to sperm). If samples cannot be obtained by masturbation, inform the medical staff for appropriate interventions.

Some notes to be able to ensure the best sperm samples are obtained:

  • Abstain from ionation for 2-7 days so that the sample is of the best quality
  • Sperm samples should not be taken on days when the patient is having a fever,illness or high alcohol use.
  • Sampling should be carried out at a medical facility to ensure the sample is not affected by any factors.

Sperm samples

Sperm samples taken by masturbation

1.3. Conduct cold storage of sperm

Currently in medicine, there are 2 methods of cold storage of sperm commonly used as slow freezing and rapid freezing:

  • Slow freezing method: including slow freezing of sperm for a period of 2-4 hours, steps are taken manually or using an automatic freezer.
  • Rapid freezing: this technique requires direct contact between the sample tube and nitrogen vapor for at least 8–10 minutes and immersion in liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

Each method has its own pros and cons, but both of them give the above method a good sperm cold storage effect. Some authors claim that with normal slow freezing, manual or automatic, it can cause extensive physical-chemical damage to sperm due to the crystallization of ice.

Sperm freezing

Freezing sperm by nitrogen vaporization method

2. What subjects need to store cold sperm?

Sperm cold storage is a technique carried out aimed at supporting reproduction, serving for the treatment of rarelate , at the same time it is also a method to help preserve the fertility of men. However, not everyone needs to store cold sperm and everyone can store cold sperm. Cold storage of sperm is in dinhation carried out when:

  • Men suffer from malignangnanity, chemical or radiotherapy use during treatment.
  • Patients with autoimed diseases or other conditions that can affect the quality as well as the number of sperm such as quadoids, severe inflammation of the male department …
  • Male subjects regularly work in toxic environments.
  • The ability to sperm is unstable, having some fertility problems such as erectile dysfunction ,infertility is rare.
  • Couples who perform in vi vism in vism fertilization that by the time the egg is poked, the husband must go away.
  • The test found that the mobility of sperm is poor, too little sperm density is not guaranteed for conception.
  • Before surgery such as vasectitis, prostate, bladder, spine
  • Before transgender surgery


Men with too little sperm density should refer to the cold storage of sperm

Cold storage of sperm, which has always been an important method, greatly supports the treatment of rare cases of infertility, helping to bring joy to many couples. However, to carry out a successful sperm cold storage is also a process with complex stages, requiring care and expertise.

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