Possible manifestations after taking an emergency contraceptive pill

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Emergency contraceptive pills are one of the contraceptive options of women when having uns secure sex. After taking the emergency contraceptive pill, women may experience some abnormal symptoms such as bleeding, headache, nausea,…

1. What is an emergency contraceptive pill?

The emergency contraceptive pill is a contraceptive tablet with a high content of hormones, which is used to reduce the risk of unsymed pregnancy after sex without the use of protective measures. There are many types of emergency contraceptives, in Vietnam the most common are the following 2:

  • Drugs containing progestin: Levonorgestrel content of 0.75mg/ capsule or 1.5mg/capsule;
  • The drug contains the active substance anti-progestin: Mifepriston content 10mg.

2. Effects of emergency contraceptive pills

Take emergency contraceptive pills to blood

Emergency contraceptive pill inhibits ovulation
  • Inhibition of ovulation: Contraceptive pills containing sex hormones from the outside introduced into the body, inhibit the body from secreting ovestin, thereby inhibiting the secretion of FSH and metakentrin, inhibiting the ovaries of ovulation, helping to effectively contraceptive;
  • Modification of the mucosa in the cervical gervical: The drug contains progestin, which makes the glands in the cervical become sticky, prevents sperm from passing through to meet the eggs, thereby having a contraceptive effect;
  • Alters the er erm intra-uterus membranes: The drug contains progestin and estrogen from the outside (there is no progestin and estrogen-like rule produced by the body during normal menstruation), causing the inner membrane to develop bad sex, not giving eggs nesting in the uterus, thereby helping contraception.

3. Manifestations after taking the emergency contraceptive pill

Take emergency contraceptive pills to blood

Chest tightness, chest pain are side effects of emergency contraceptive pills

Since contraception has an impact on hormones, the use of emergency contraceptives can cause some undesirable side effects. Specifically:

  • On the digestive system: 50% of women after taking the emergency contraceptive pill suffer from nausea and vomiting. Others present with abdominal pain, flatulence,… If you vomit immediately after taking the medicine, you need to take another dose instead. If vomiting after 2 hours of taking the drug, no other doses are required. The solution to overcome the symptoms of nausea is to take the drug together with food or before going to bed;
  • On the nervous system: Headache, dizziness, assym dysposm…;
  • Mammary glands: Chest tightness, chest pain. It is due to the drug that retains water under the effects of female hormones. When the drug runs out, the pain and chest tension will automatically disappear;
  • Vaginal bleeding: About 50% of women taking the emergency contraceptive pill have vaginal bleeding outside of menstruation. In most cases, women do not need to worry too much when there is an abnormal hemorrhage after taking the emergency contraceptive pill because in these tablets contains progestin or estrogen – the hormone that causes vaginal blood. After the period has returned, you will no longer experience abnormal hemorrhages. However, there are cases of vaginal bleeding after taking the emergency contraceptive pill that is a manifestation of many abnormal conditions such as miscarriage or an extra-intra-uterus pregnancy;
  • Other unwanted side effects: In some cases, emergency contraceptivesare caused by menstruation, menstrual disorders,changes in the amount of badgas, mood changes or lead to empathy, no libido due to drug abuse,…

If there is a desire for pregnancy, it is necessary to stop using the emergency contraceptive pill until the next menstruation, so that the development of the fetus will be safe and healthy:

4. Note when using emergency contraceptives

Take emergency contraceptive pills to blood

Emergency contraceptive pills should be taken as soon as possible

Emergency contraceptives are in order to be used when having sex without contraceptives or using condoms but condoms that are torn or punctured. In other cases, it is recommended to take an emergency contraceptive pill while using the contraceptive pill daily but forget to take it for more than 2 days or are using the contraceptive injection drug but the injection time is delayed as prescribed.

According to doctors, the emergency contraceptive pill should be taken as soon as possible, it is best to within 72 hours after having uns protected sex. By the 5th day after sex it is still possible to use the emergency contraceptive pill but the earlier the oral principle, the higher the effectiveness of the drug will be.

Emergency contraceptive pills have a contraceptive effect of over 75% but are advised not to use it regularly because the more continuous it is, the less the effectiveness of contraception. The dosage of the drug is 4 times higher than the daily contraceptive pill, so it is only used for healthy people and not used more than 2 times / month. The abuse of emergency contraceptives can cause many dangerous side effects and complications such as atrophy of the lining of the uterus, which long-term effects on women's fertility. In addition, women who have a habit of taking emergency contraceptives are also susceptible to liver,kidney, cardiovascular, breast cancer or cancer of the reproduction agency,…

In particular, if you have dizziness, abdominal pain, more vaginal bleeding or do not decrease after a few days of taking the emergency contraceptive pill, you should see a doctor. At the same time, after taking the drug, the next period of menstruation will appear in the next month. Usually, menstruation will arrive on the right day, which can also deviate before or after 1 week. If the next menstruation is too long, you should check if you are pregnant because there are still cases of pregnancy even if you have taken medication.

The emergency contraceptive pill is a double-edged sword because it can affect the fertility of the user. Therefore, women should avoid overdoing this method of contraception but should apply safer methods such as using condoms, placing contraceptive rings, taking contraceptive pills daily,… If you take an emergency contraceptive pill due to force majeure, you should carefully read the instructions for use of the drug, take it as soon as possible after sex, take the full dosage and on time.

When there is a desire for pregnancy, in order to prepare a healthy pregnancy, both spouses should check for birth health 3-5 months before pregnancy.

The wife should:

  • Vaccination before pregnancy (especially rubella prevention because rubella during pregnancy is extremely dangerous)
  • Genetic testing to screen for genetic diseases before pregnancy
  • Check for gynecologic inflammation that affects the health of mothers and fetuses
  • Especially women over 35 years of age who want to become pregnant (especially not yet pregnant) will have to have a very detailed health check because pregnancy at this age often has problems: Ovarian failure, premature birth, higher risk of fetal malformations, forward vegetables, pre-production.

The husband should:

  • Examination of reproduction health, detection of testicular atrophy, weak physical weakness, weak sperm …
  • The most sexually transmitted diseases are those that cannot be cured extremely dangerously

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