Possible complications after sucking eggs

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Egg poking is inherently a sophisticated technique. All operations require lightness, if not done correctly, there will be many risks. Accordingly, the complications that can be encountered after sucking eggs are things to master and prevent to the maximum, in order to ensure a successful in viinal fertilization process for the rare woman.

1. What is the trick of poking eggs?

After hormone treatment to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once, doctors support in vi vismation that will suck out the adult ovules.

The procedure to poke the egg will take place for about 36 hours after the injection of the adult HCG ovule. During the natural release of the ovule, an follicle will burst and the ovule will escape. After that, the ovule will quickly be sucked into the proboscis speaker, passing through the ovulation tube towards the uterus. Therefore, the obtaining of eggs must be timed correctly to be able to catch the eggs just before they begin this journey, at a time when they are ready for fertilization but still in the cyst and can be easily observed under ultrasound.

To get the eggs, the doctor will place an ultrasound probe in the vagina with a needle attached to insert the needle through the vaginal board and into the ovaries. All manipulations are guided by ultrasound. Once the needle end is already in the ovaries, the doctor will adjust the puncture needle in turn the follicles. When the needle is in the cyst, the suction machine will suck the entire cystic solution according to the needle put into the test tube. Finally, doctors will look in the liquid obtained from the follicles to find the egg cell (ovule).

Vaginal ovulation

Poking eggs

The procedure usually lasts about 15 minutes and is performed at the procedure room, the patient is hospitalized during the day. Therefore, the woman after a stable observation period will be able to go home. Despite this, this is still a procedure that needs to be performed under anesthesia and there is no denying the potential risks. Accordingly, complications that can be encountered when poking eggs are presented in the following turn.

2. Possible complications after poking eggs

Most of the complications caused by the poke procedure originate from the path of the needle that is inserted through the vagina and into the ovaries, causing damage to some other sensitive organs and tissues located nearby, such as the inner pelvic artery running next to the ovaries or the ureter located right next to the ovaries.

Accordingly, the patient is at risk of bleeding in the abdomen after poking eggs due to needle poking into large arteries. The wall of the arteries in the pelvic abdomen can be easily torn further after each beat, further aggravating the bleeding. Blood can spread to the abdomen or into the vagina; accordingly, emergency surgery is sometimes required to prevent bleeding from washing the abdomen. However, thanks to the instructions of ultrasound, the incidence of complications caused by this procedure is very low. Bleeding in the abdomen immediately after the poking of the egg can also be caused by damage to the upper blood vessels or in the ovaries during the poking process. This accident is less serious but occurs with a greater frequency of bleeding due to pelvic vascular damage.

Abdominal pain

After poking the eggs may appear complications

Other possible complications are intestinal injury, peritonitis, ureterallesions that cause stenosis, pelvic anesthies

Another has also been reported to appear after the ovarian torsion, which occurs when the ovaries twist around itself, cutting off the blood supply. In one study of over 1,500 women, the rate of ovarian torsion occurred in 0.13% of cycles. However, it is a pity that the twisting of the ovaries usually occurs late, 6 to 13 weeks after taking the egg cells. At the same time, since this is also a possible symptom during a normal pregnancy, this accident occurs with a greater frequency in TTON pregnancy because the two ovaries are large after the size of the egg, so it is easier to twist.

In order to avoid the above complications, the actions performed will set the highest level of accuracy. This is especially noted in high-risk subjects such as surgery in the pelvic abdomen, a history of pelvic inflammatory disease or even ovarian endometriosis.

3. Complications caused by anesthesia/anesthesia

In addition to the potential risks associated with the procedure, women after undergoing the process of poking eggs also face certain potential risks from the anesthesia used to control the pain during the procedure.

Accordingly, the pain caused by poking the egg is caused by the thrust of the needle through the vaginal city and the insert of the needle into the ovaries. Since these pain signals will return to the spinal cord before going to the brain, patients may consider taking an anesthetic commonly used during childbirth. These are injectable drugs that anesthesia the spinal cord, inhibiting neurolycular conduction on the sides of the cervical to prevent pain. If spinal anesthetics are not used, intravenous medication may be required for anesthesia. At this time, patients will be at risk when taking anesthesia similar to other patients in normal surgery such as allergies to anesthesia, hypotension, prolonged respiratory inhibition … Currently almost all patients who poke eggs are pain-relief by intravenous anesthesia due to the simplicity and fewer complications of this procedure.

4. Long-term complications on the function of reproduction

There are two reasons to explain the possible risks of post-smoking eggs that are likely to affect future fertility. The first reason begins with complications of infection and bleeding, as described above and sometimes surgery is required to handle the lesion, these surgeries can have a long-term effect on fertility.

The second reason is the lesions on the muscles of the reproduction system when piercing the needle through the surface, going from the vagina to the ovaries. There are some assumptions that these injuries can lead to the formation of antibodies against the ovaries, and in fact, some studies have found that women who after poking eggs will have a higher proportion of antibodies to ovarian tissue than those who do not undergo this procedure.

Furthermore, antibodies to ovarian antigen have been shown to be associated with the failure to perform in vi vitomic fertilization. Because antibodies will interfere with the connection of sperm when entering egg cells and will therefore make fertilization of eggs more difficult. Thankfully, this accident is very rare.

What diseases should women periodically check

It is advis recommended to see a doctor when there is an abnormal manifestation after smoking eggs

In summary, the procedure of sucking eggs from the follicles by inserting a needle through the vaginal city into the ovaries needs to be done with anesthesia, it is difficult to avoid certain complications. Although statistics show that the risk of complications is relatively low. Therefore, choosing a reputable and highly specialized assisted reproduction center is extremely necessary, in order to absolutely minimize the risk of complications is the first basic step in the journey to find a child's smile.

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