Testicles: Things to know

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Testor tumors occur because the testicles revolve around the testicles (testemonic stalks) that clog the blood vessels that feed the testicles. About half of testicular torsion occurs during sleep. Testicle tumors are rare but mostly malignant and usually occur in men aged 15-35 years.

1. Symptoms of testes

Typical symptoms of tester tumors are

  • The pain is sudden, intense and gradually increases on one side of the testicles, especially starting at night.
  • Accompanied by nausea, pain can spread to inguinal, pelvic pits.
  • Examination: testicles swollen, lying high and horizontally rotating axis; if the testicles are pulled down low, the patient will suffer from increased pain.
  • If you are a twisted hidden testicle, you will feel pain in the inguinal tube area, there is a bulge in this area, pressing pain and the scrotum on the same side does not palpation of the testicles.
  • Lost scrotal skin reflexes are high-value symptoms for the diagnosis of testes.

The testicle tumor is a male emergency department. Without emergency treatment (within 4-6 hours from the onc stage of pain) the testicles will be anemia and necrosis. Testicle tumors are most common at the age of 10-20 years. However, it is possible to meet in men of any age.

A third of patients previously had similar levels of scrotal pain but did not last long and then run out on their own. This causes the patient to subjectively not go to the hospital early because he thinks that the pain can run out on its own like the last time.

However, acute scrotal pain can also be caused by other causes such as epiduralinflammation, twisting of the testicles … but the diagnosis of testicular torsion must be thought of first in order to have a timely direction of treatment.

Children with autism

Most common testicle tumors at the age of 10-20 years

2. Causes of testicle tumors

There are many diseases that cause acute testicular tumors such as: testicular torsion, twisting of the testicular appencry, epiditis, inflammation of the testicles, testicular injury, in which, testicular torsion is the most dangerous because it can cause isentiable testicular damage. Therefore, in the testicular tumor, the physician and the patient must monitor the emergency until the testicular torsion is excluded.

4. Treatment of testicle tumors

Medical examination

This depends heavily on the results of the anatomy of the disease and the stage of the disease

The common testicle tumor is the Yolk sac. Tumors often respond well to treatment with surgery to remove the testicles at the root of an inguinal fall. Cases where the Yolk sac tumor has meta metalysed the abdominal lymph node require additional chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy in this case is very effective. The majority of cases of testicle tumors can be treated completely from the disease.

However, to know the specifics and exact probability of each case, you should see the doctor who treated your child in person to ask carefully about the results of treatment and how to follow up later. This depends heavily on the results of the anatomy of the disease (which is the result of the answer to the type of cell in the baby's testes) and the stage of the disease.

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