Post-birth peeling of artificial vegetables

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Peeling of artificial vegetables is carried out when the post-birth mother without the pregnancy does not peel naturally or remains inside the uterus chamber. After carrying out the peeling of artificial vegetables, it is necessary to control the uterus to see if there are vegetable omissions or membrane omissions and check the integrity of the uterus.

1. What is post-birth peeling of artificial vegetables?

Peeling artificial vegetables is a procedure to put your hands in the uterus to remove the vegetables left in the uterus after the pregnancy book.

Specify the peeling of artificial vegetables after birth in the case of:

  • After the pregnancy book about 30 minutes without peeling itself, it is necessary to carry out the peeling of artificial vegetables.
  • Pregnant vegetables are also located in the uterus chamber, bleeding during the vegetable book period.
  • In case it is necessary to check the integrity of the uterus after the pregnancy book, peel off artificial vegetables to check the uterus chamber.

Peeling artificial vegetables is contraining in the case of:

  • Stunned women need resuscitation before peeling artificial vegetables.

2. Steps to carry out the peeling of artificial vegetables


Patients will be consulted and explained about the peeling of artificial vegetables before

2.1. Before peeling artificial vegetables

Y, doctor who does the procedure of peeling artificial vegetables: Wash your hands with an antiseptic solution, wear gloves and wear an erbial coat.

Patients need to peel artificial vegetables: Advise and explain the peeling of artificial vegetables, and at the same time support maternity. Instructions for maternity breathing evenly, without abdominal spasms. Before peeling artificial vegetables, the maternity is urinated, antiseptic of the mesmenium, and spread harmless towels

Conduct inality and pain relief measures for the patient before the procedure.

2.2. Steps to carry out the peeling of artificial vegetables

Step 1:This procedure is required to use 2 hands to coordinate. The person performing the procedure stands on the side of the fore hand.

Step 2: One hand fixed the bottom of the uterus, the other hand inserted into the vagina, through the cervical to the vegetable area and then spleen between the vegetable cake and the city of the uterus.

Step 3:Peel the vegetable cake from the bottom, from the edge and then round the shore on the vegetable cake to avoid vegetable omissions, vegetable membranes. When peeling off the vegetable cake, the in-uterus hand pulls the vegetable cake out, but does not pull the hand out of the uterus, if it is necessary to pull out the umbilical cord to remove the vegetable.

Step 4. When the vegetable cake is out must check both sides of the vegetable cake and control the uterus.

2.3. Follow-up after artificial vegetable peeling

After the artificial peeling of vegetables is carried out, it is necessary to check for side effects, vessels, blood pressure, contraction of the uterus, the amount of blood flowing from the patient's vagina to prevent complications and to be intervened in a timely manner.

After implementation, it is necessary to monitor the side effects of people with blood pressure, pulse, .

Blood pressure measurement

After implementation, it is necessary to monitor the side effects of people with blood pressure and pulse,..

Post-birth artificial vegetable peeling is a procedure for hands to the uterus to peel the remaining fetal vegetables after childbirth, so it will cause pain and fear for the maternity, so mothers need to be consulted and psychologically prepared to coordinate well with the procedure during the dissection process.

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