Is it dangerous to dissect a pregnancy bag during pregnancy?

There are many pregnant women who feel bewildered and anxious when they are diagnosed with 5% gestational dissection, 10%, 15%… So what is fetal sac dissection and is it dangerous to the fetus or the mother's health? Let's find out the article below.

1. What is fetal sac dissection?

Dissection of the fetal sac is a phenomenon of hematoma around the fetal sac, which occurs when the placenta cake is separated from the lining of the uterus instead of attached to it as usual.

Cakes play an important role in providing nutrients and oxygen from the mother through the fetus and transporting waste from the fetus to the mother. Therefore, the dissection of the fetal sac will interfere with the process of 20th-day pregnancy, preventing the pregnancy from receiving nutrients to sustain life from the mother.

2. Causes of dissection of the gestational sac

The fetal sac is dissected due to a variety of causes, which can be caused by abnormal pregnancies that cannot continue to grow, the pregnancy dies and is ejected from the uterus. Some factors that increase the risk of dissection are caused by the mother such as:

  • The mother walked, campaigned a lot
  • The mother suffers from diseases such as uterine fibroids,ovarian stickiness, ovariancysts, scars in the uterus, endometriosis, a history of premature peeling, separation of the fetal sac earlier
  • The mother has deformity of the uterus such as a two-horned uterus, a septum uterus,…
  • Mother with a history of blood clot disorders, high blood pressure
  • Mothers who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, coffee or strong stimulants
  • Infected with bacteria, viruses, parasites or metal toxins such as lead, mercury
  • There are abnormalities in amniotic fluid, suffer from thial failure, thyroid pathology, diabetes,…

Is it dangerous to dissect a pregnancy bag during pregnancy?

Diabetes can be the cause of pregnancy bag dissection

3. Is it dangerous to dissect a pregnancy bag during pregnancy?

Dissection of the bag is a condition that leads to the threat of miscarriage in the first 3 months of pregnancy. In many cases, dissection of the fetal sac also causes severe hemorrhages, affecting the mother's life.

The size of the dissection zone is important. The link between the rate of dissection of the fetal sac and the danger level of fetal sac dissection is as follows:

  • 10% gestational bag dissection rate: If the maternity fully complies with the doctor's nursing instructions, the likelihood of retaining the pregnancy is very high.
  • The rate of dissection is about 20%: The ability to hold the pregnancy is also associated with the cause of the threat of miscarriage and the observance of the treatment instructions of the doctor. If there are signs of dissection of each other but the embryonic bag remains and the pregnancy still develops, the pregnant mother does not need to worry too much, it is necessary to pay attention to rest, abstain from sex, eat well, do not walk much, avoid stress,… to increase your ability to retain your pregnancy.
  • If the rate of dissection is about 30% in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the risk of still pregnancy, pregnancy, miscarriage can be up to 50%.
  • If the rate of dissection of the fetal sac is 50%, this is an extremely dangerous condition, the risk of miscarriage is up to 90%, it is difficult to keep the pregnancy.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

4. Signs of dissection of the fetal sac

When the pregnancy bag is removed, the maternity will have some signs such as:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Shady pain in the lower abdomen or lower abdominal cramps accompanied by spasms, smoldering, prolonged back pain.
  • Detachment of the fetal sac can also cause abdominal pain. Therefore, when the pregnant woman has abdominal pain in the first 3 months, it is advisable to actively go to the hospital for examination.

5. How long does it take to remove the fetal sac?

When there are signs of pregnancy dissection, pregnant mothers should quickly go to medical facilities for ultrasounds, examinations. T

moaning the basis for assessing the dissection and health of the mother, the doctor will give appropriate treatments. In any case, the pregnant mother must be calm and understand the risk that she is facing, if the dissection rate is over 50%, it is difficult to keep the pregnancy, in many cases, the doctor will talk to the pregnant woman the viability of the pregnancy, thereby deciding whether to continue or suspend the pregnancy.

Is it dangerous to dissect a pregnancy bag during pregnancy?

Talk to your doctor about pregnancy viability

If the doctor assesses the treatable dissection, during treatment to retain the pregnancy, pregnant mothers must absolutely follow the instructions of the doctor. Use of contraceptives such as in dinhation, adherence to dosage, instructions for use. Rest a lot, walk gently, avoid working a lot. It is advisable to let the spirit relax, avoid stress, anxiety. Eat enough nutrients, eat diluted, easily digested food, drink plenty of water every day to reduce the risk of constipation. Abstain from couple relations to avoid affecting the stability of the gestational sac. In particular, it is necessary to go to the doctor on time to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. The predest of how long the pregnancy returns to normal depends on many factors such as the endometrial layer, the gestational sac, the development of the pregnancy and the health of the mother.

Ultrasound is a detectable method of dissecting the fetal sac. Therefore, the selection of ultrasound methods and reputable medical facilities for examination is essential during the months of pregnancy.

Currently, vinmec International Health Hub has been using modern generations of color ultrasound machines. One of them is GE Healthcar's Logig E9 ultrasound machine which is full of options, hd-resolution probes for clear images, accurately assessing lesions. In addition, a team of experienced doctors and doctors will support a lot in diagnosing and early detection of abnormal signs of the body to offer timely treatments.

The first 3 months are the most sensitive time during pregnancy, prone to the phenomenon of dissection of the gestational sac. In order for the mother and baby to be healthy, parents should note:

  • Understand early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy poisoning, bleeding during pregnancy.
  • The first pregnancy examination is timely, correct and sufficient, avoiding the examination too early / too late.
  • Screening for fetal malformations at the 12th week detects dangerous fetal malformations that can intervene early.
  • Distinguishes the usual vaginal bleeding and pathology vaginal bleeding for timely pregnancy retention intervention.
  • Screening for thyroid disease in the first 3 months of pregnancy avoids dangerous risks before and during childbirth.

Share99 currently has many maternity packages (12-27-36 weeks), of which the 12-week package maternity program helps monitor the health of mothers and babies at the beginning of pregnancy, early detection and timely intervention of health problems. In addition to the usual services, the 12-week maternity monitoring program has special services that other maternity packages do not have such as: Double Test or Triple Test for Fetal Malformations; dosing tests of neovascular factors for pre-seizure diagnosis; thyroid screening tests; Rubella test; testing for parasites transmitted from mother to child seriously affects the brain and physical development of the baby after birth.

For more information about the 12-week package maternity program and registration, you can contact Share99 clinics and hospitals nationwide.

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