Will menstruation cure itself? When to get treatment?

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Menstruation is a common problem and brings a lot of trouble and fatigue to women. So is menstruation dangerous or not? How long does it take to get roaming? When is treatment necessary?

1. What is menstruation?

Menstruation is a phenomenon with the right cycle, but the period lasts longer than usual, usually more than 7 days, the amount of menstrual blood loss is too much 80 ml.

Menstruation caused the body to lose a lot of blood, prolonged, long-term will lead to anemia, debilitating body, paleness, fatigue. In addition, failure to receive timely treatment can lead to dangerous complications.


Menstruation makes the body lose a lot of blood

2. When does menstruation require treatment?

How long menstruation is cured, is it necessary to treat it does not depend on the cause of this symptom. Menstruation can be caused by physical or mechanical causes.

2.1. Neurod muscle roe

Functional menopause is common in women during early puberty, pre-menicausal women, or post-childbirth women. These are 3 times of unstable menstruation, an erratic short menstrual cycle, which easily leads to menstruation.

Although menstruation is not dangerous to life, but blood loss causes fatigue, affecting many lives and activities of women. Therefore, in addition to adjusting the lifestyle and lifestyle, women should visit as well as receive advice from their doctor to best suit their condition.

2.2. Menstruation due to physical causes

The causes of menopause come from lesions in the uterus or ovaries, such as ovarianpolycystic, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine polyps… For menstruation due to physical causes, patients are forced to treat, if left for a long time, the disease can cause many dangerous complications.

3. How to treat menstruation?

Gynecology pills for pregnant women

Menstruation can treat drug bandages under the doctor's prescription

Depending on the condition, as well as the age, whether or not you want to give birth, your doctor will prescribe different treatments. Most often, can be treated with medication or surgical treatment.

3.1. Drug treatment

Drug treatment is usually in place for patients who do not have structural, hist histosis, fibroids less than 3 cm in diameter that do not cause deformation of the uterine cavity. The following treatments include:

  • Hormone-free therapy: This method usually applies to young patients who are during puberty, want to remain fertility, or plan to become pregnant in the near future, or simply do not want to use alternative hormone therapy. Includes medicines

○ Hem bleeding drugs, traditional medicines (Sample high use)

○ Anti-inflammatory drugs for multiple infections

  • Hormone therapy: Considered a first choice in case the patient wants to maintain fertility and wants contraception (depending on the cause).

○ Oral combination contraceptives (COC)

○ Orgametril

○ Progesteron phase 2

3.2. Tips and Tricks

  • Hea bleeding uterus scraping combined with endormonal drugs
  • Polyp cutting, uterine chamber endoscopy scraping fibrous cation

3.3. Surgical treatment

In the event that the patient has menstruation taking medications and procedures but does not cure it, the doctor may prescribe surgical treatment. One of the most advanced surgical methods used to treat menstruation today is laparoscopic surgery of the uterus.

This surgery requires implementation in large hospitals, with expertise and modern machinery systems. Currently, full endoscopic surgery has been performed at Share99 Ha Long International Health Hub.

4. Laparoscopic surgery for full uterus at Share99 Ha Long International Health Hub

Complete endoscopic uterus removal - Quick recovery time, leaving no bad scars on the abdominal wall

Full endoscopic surgery at Share99 International Health Hub

4.1. Specified objects

  • Patients with uterine fibroids; uterine fibroids are large, causing neurotic strengthening, bandages; uterine fibroids cause compression of other muscles, causing a rarity of late.
  • Patients with tumors located in extensive ligaments
  • Endometrial over-production of fruitless endometrial treatment
  • In-house treatment is fruitless

4.2. Advantages of a full endoscopic endoscopy for neurotroscopy treatment

  • The entire tumor is dissected, thoroughly addressing the origin that causes the symptoms of the disease
  • Minimize the impact on patients
  • Small incisions, ensuring aesthetics
  • Patients have less pain after surgery, quickly recover
  • Short hospital stay
  • It's less expensive.

4.3. Why choose to perform this surgery at Share99 Health Hub?

  • Seasoned doctors in obstetrics and gynecology surgery
  • Modern equipment facilities, achieving high treatment efficiency
  • Professional services: Modern civilized disease prevention system, comprehensive care
  • Hybrid operating room at Share99 Ha Long is the most modern operating room system in the world today, integrating operating room and advanced imaging facilities. When performing a complete endoscopic cirlitar technique here, patients can experience the most advanced techniques.
  • A complete endoscopic appenmectic technique is a difficult technique – requiring an experienced and well-trained doctor in this technique. At Share99 Ha Long Health Hub, there are experienced doctors in the field of obstetrics and gynecology such as Dr. Bach Cam An, Dr. Le Thi Phuong, Dr. Bui Minh Phuc.
  • In resuscitation anesthesia, Share99 adheres to anesthesia regimens, anesthesia safety instructions, anaesthesia checkboards for 100% of surgeries to minimize incidents and undesirable effects.

Menstruation is a common phenomenon in many women and in some cases menstruation can cause dangerous complications if not treated promptly and properly. Women with menstruation should go to reputable hospitals for examination and advice, thereby having the correct direction of intervention.

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