Is it possible to have a pregnant uterus polyp?

For every woman, motherhood is incredibly sacred. However, for those who are unlucky enough to suffer from diseases of the uterus such as ovarian polyps, it is more or less affected during childbirth.

1. Overview of ovarian polyps

Ovarian polyps are mostly benign, however, it more or less affects the mianing function of the person. Blocks of ovarian polyps are formed mainly due to overgly developed endometrial cells. Polyps range in size from several millimeters (mm) to several centimeters (centimeters), one or more polyps, with stalks or no peduncles, and can grow anywhere in the uterus cavity.

It is difficult to know if you are having a polyps in the uterus because the disease is very quiet and has no obvious symptoms. However, you can rely on the following signs for early medical examination and treatment. Avoid long-term disease progress and have complications:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Abnormal bleeding during menstruation
  • Post-menopause bleeding

For the treatment and prevention of uterus polyps in particular and diseases of the uterus in general, women should actively take the following measures to protect their health: Use panties as cotton material, go to the gynecology periodically to detect diseases and treat diseases early, supplement many plant estrogens through eating such as: Eating legumes and products processed from beans, green vegetables such as canes, cauliflower, bean sprouts, In addition, zinc and selenium should be added.

Polyps of the uterus chamber

Some images of uterus polyps

2. Is it possible to have a pregnant uterus polyp?

Women with diseases related to the uterus more or less affect the pregnancy. But if detected and treated early, it will minimize the effects of the disease.

In the event that small polyps will interfere with the sperm meeting the egg, and if the polyp grows larger, it can cause cervical obstruction, cervical sealing, endangering the health of the sisters.

  • Without early treatment, polyps can increase the risk of rare infertility due to large polyps that cause the endo endo <3>ea to deform, which is a disadvantage to the nesting of the pregnancy.
  • If the person is pregnant and is found to have polyps, there is a risk of affecting the fetus. Ovarian polyps during pregnancy are growing, overwhelming and causing the fetus to lose its grip, easily leading to miscarriage, premature birth orfetal malformations , the fetus develops abnormally. Pregnant mothers raise the risk of each other's condition.
  • In addition, the risk of contracting polycystic ovaries due to polyps is prone to causing gynecologic diseases by a lot of vaginal secretion, an unbalanced vaginal environment, some beneficial bacteria are destroyed, the vagina is not protected, harmful bacteria develop leading to inflammation such as vatis, vatis,cervical inflammation …

Establishment of gynecology clinics

Gynecology screening at Share99 International Health Hub

As such, ovarian polyps can affect the process by which women will and already become pregnant. For women who rarely have polyps, the radical treatment of polyps increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

In order to help customers detect and treat other gynecologic diseases early, Share99 International Health Hub has a basic gynecologicexamination and screening package, helping customers detect inflammatory diseases early, making treatment easy and inexpensive. Screening for early detection of gynecologic cancer(Cervical cancer) even if there are no symptoms.

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