Physical transformation in the elderly

According to the laws of nature, people at a higher age will have changes both physically and mentally. Weakened health, gray hair, slow walking, cuffed back, blurred eyes, poor ears and becoming increasingly difficult, it is one of the biological transformations in the elderly.

1. Manifestations of physical transformation in the elderly

1.1 Slow reflexes

The older you get, the less likely you are to reflect, and communication is also much slower than in your youth. Listening and receiving information is also slow, it takes some time to give answers.

Slow reflexes are also reflected in slow travel, which takes a long time to move, including eating and drinking every day.

In order to avoid dissatisfaction as well as create comfort, it is extremely necessary to be sympathetic and gently patient when caring for the elderly.

1.2 Forgetfulness

The older you get, the less memory will deteriorate – due to the damage to the central nervous system. What are the general conditions that occur to the elderly.

The elderly

Neurological damage causes elderly people's memory to deteriorate

1.3 Susceptible

As you age, your health will weaken, your body's body and immunity will deteriorate, so the elderly are very susceptible to diseases such as flu or pneumonia, diseases caused by weather changes.

It is necessary to pay attention to pneumonia because they can cause cardiovascular diseases, which are very dangerous for the elderly. The ability of the elderly to recover is also slower than that of young people. Therefore, it is not too subjective, if there are strange manifestations, it is necessary to take relatives to reputable medical centers for health checks as well as timely treatment.

1.4 Prone to falls

Easy to fall is due to weak legs, the balance of the body is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to pay great attention, avoid falling when going up or down the stairs. Falls in the elderly are easy to fracture.

2. Why are the elderly the rise?

In addition to the changes in the psychology, the elderly also change psychologically. According to the study, it has been found that the answer is why the psychology of the elderly changes.

Simply because of old age, people no longer have to try and try their best for their careers and reputations. At this time, it turns to the stage of rest, benefiting from the previous efforts brought. There is a lot of free time, so I want my children and grandchildren to film their pants.

The elderly

The elderly want their children and grandchildren to always gather next door

But for many modern families, the generation gap does not spend much time caring for grandparents making the elderly feel lonely and upset; the mentality of feeling that oneself is no longer useful to society.

From negative thoughts, disappointments about ourselves are no longer as agile, vivacious as before, health is no longer flexible, the mind is no longer clear, making the elderly become more difficult.

3. How to limit the difficulty of the elderly?

In fact, when at the age of "afternoon", the biggest thing that the elderly want is to gather and have fun with their children and grandchildren. So in order for the elderly to be happy, we must first understand the mentality:

3.1 Fear of loneliness

Age difference. When the elderly themselves retire, there is a lot of free time, on the contrary, their children and grandchildren are busy studying, busy with life, work, family, so there is not too much time to visit regularly. This leaves the elderly lonely, with little interest.

The elderly

Age difference makes older people feel less interested

3.2 Ease of body

The age gap as well as the generation makes the elderly feel sluggish, not absorbing new and modern things.

In essence, physical transformation in the elderly is an inevitable thing that each person will have to go through. The mentality of loving children and grandchildren, fearing that there is not much time left with relatives is the thought that makes the elderly think the most, leading to difficulty. Therefore, always care and take care of the elderly so that they are always happy when next to their children and grandchildren and relatives.

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