Is it possible to clot the proboscis with artificial inseination?

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The proboscis is very small in size so it is easy to get clogged. The clogged proboscis prevents the ovulation from passing through the proboscis to the uterus, the sperm goes from the vagina into the uterus unable to reach the proboscis for fertilization. This is one of the causes of infertility – rarely in women.

1. What is proboscis?

The proboscis is an ovule from the ovaries to the uterus. The length of the proboscis is about 10cm, divided into 4 segments: Interstitial, waist segment, glossy section and proboscis speaker. Each paragraph has different functions. Two proboscis on the sides of the uterus make the path and support the egg to move more easily. Proboscis obstruction occurs when the proboscis is narrowed, making it impossible for the egg to move down the uterus to meet sperm, which directly affects the ability to conceive. When the proboscis is clogged, it can lead to an intra-uterus pregnancy (non-complete obstruction), rarity or infertility (complete obstruction).

The causes of ovarian obstruction include: Inflammation of the appenages, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, repeated abortions or birth defects …

2. Can ovulation be pregnant?

To be able to get pregnant with a blockage of the proboscis, depending on the condition, you will be consulted by your obstetrician and gynecologist one of the following measures:

Internal Medicine: In case of mild ovarian obstruction due to proboscis you can treat internally with inflammatory medicines.

Surgeon:In case drug treatment is not effective, your obstetrician and gynecologist will advise you on one of the most effective measures such as:

  • Embolis of the proboscis by inflatable;
  • Endoscopic ovoping surgery: During the operation, the doctor puts the endoscopic instrument in the uterus and uses specialized instruments in the proboscis, pushing the blockage to the outside, separating the sticky places;
  • Surgical removal and removal of the ovulation: In case the proboscis is clogged in one segment and cannot be edested, the doctor will remove the blockage, then connect two non-clogged segments together;
  • Ovopian tube removal surgery: When the ovulation methods are ineffective, there is no hope of natural conception, you will be advised by your doctor to cut the ovulation tube to perform artificial insexiation with a high success rate.

Surgical methods of ovulation are quite common, but not 100% successful because the proboscis is very small, the tool is difficult to clear long-stuck segments. Therefore, you should examine and carry out treatment at reputable obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, highly skilled doctors. In case of failure of ovarian cathety surgery, it is imperative to switch to artificial inse fertilization or in vial fertilization.

3. Is it possible to clot the proboscis with artificial inseination?

Can the proboscis be artificially inseeded

At least 1 non-clogged proboscis is required to perform IUI artificial inse fertilization

The rate of successful artificial inse fertilization decreases with age. In case you are young, the success rate for artificial inse fertilization is about 60-70%. To be able to get pregnant with a blockage of the proboscis using IUI artificial insefination, also known as pumping sperm into the uterus, you need to ensure that at least one proboscis is not clogged, which can work normally. In this method, the doctor will directly pump sperm into the woman's uterus to increase the likelihood of successful conception. The mucus that surrounds the cervical neck may prevent sperm from swimming into the uterus or proboscis. Thanks to the method of artificial inseination, sperm can penetrate the uterus completely.

In case of clogging both proboscis, you will be prescribed in vi vism in vit in one of the following measures:

  • Transfer the embryo normally if the two proboscis is clogged in the segment near the waist or the interstitial segment close to the uterus.
  • The proboscis surgery then transfers the previously cold-stored embryo in case two proboscis has a large fluid retention at the proboscis.
  • In case the patient has many embryos, the fluid retention is not much will be transferred by the doctor, if the embryo is not successfully conceived to perform surgery.

To know exactly if the proboscis is artificially insefined,you should go to the hospital for examination to determine your condition correctly, thereby taking appropriate treatment.

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4. How to prevent proboscis obstruction?

Can the proboscis be artificially inseeded

Gynecology examination is required every 6 months for timely detection of gynecology diseases

To control and minimize the risk of ovarianobstruction , affecting fertility, women should take measures such as:

  • Clean the enclosure properly, especially on the days of action when, before and after sex.
  • Gynecologic examination every 6 months for timely detection and early treatment if sick.
  • Safe, faithful, married sex.
  • Choose a reputable medical facility for gynecological surgery to ensure the highest success rate.
  • Enhance physical exercise, adequate rest. replenish the body with adequate nutrients.

The case of a blockage of the proboscis does not mean that it is impossible to get pregnant, women with a blockage of the proboscis can completely give birth thanks to modern medical methods in the treatment of rare and late infertility currently in prestigious medical centers.

Share99 IVF Assisted Reproduction Center is an address for infertility treatment – rarely chosen by many couples. So far the Center has provided assisted reproduction to over 1000 rare couples with a clinical pregnancy rate of 45%-50%.

  • The world's leading advanced assisted reproduction techniques bring high efficiency: Using high techniques in assisted reproduction helps people with poor sperm quality still be able to have children, reduce the rate of genetic abnormalities in embryos day 5, assess immunity in the lining of the uterus to help patients with multiple nesting failures have a higher likelihood of success, accurate screening and genetic diagnosis of embryos, reduced multi-pregnancy rate and pregnancy discontinuation. The success rate is from 45%-50%, which is comparable to developed countries such as the UK, USA, Australia. 1,000 babies were born from in vismable insefination at Share99.
  • Comprehensive and professional care services:As the leading modern center in Vietnam applying a comprehensive treatment process, combining both male and obstetrics and gynecology to make the optimal plan for each case. Comprehensive care from the embryonic stage to adulthood. Private examination space, customers are consulted and guided by experts in a specific and complete way.
  • Well-trained and experienced staff:A team of doctors are leading experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology at home and internationally, trained in famous birth support centers in the world. With a high level of expertise and experience, IVF's staff is capable of comprehensively and comprehensively deploying the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques today, helping to realize the dream of parenthood of hundreds of families across Vietnam.
  • Modern facilities and equipment system:Ensure the best conditions for culture of workpieces such as: clean room system level I international standard ISO 14644-1; The culture room is designed one-way, the positive pressure blows clean air and the culture cabinet system has many separate culture chambers equipped with a time lapse camera inside the cabinet without disturbing the culture conditions.

For direct advice, please click hotline number or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE

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