Is it worrying to fall while pregnant?

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Pregnancy not only changes the woman's body, the pregnancy also causes the way the pregnant woman is walking. The focus of the body is no longer the same as normal, making it difficult for pregnant women to maintain balance. This causes the anxious pregnant woman to fall during pregnancy.

1. Possible complications if you fall during pregnancy

Up to 27% of pregnant women fall during pregnancy. Fortunately, the body has natural mechanisms to protect itself against injuries, such as the cushioning of the amniotic chamber or healthy muscles of the uterus.

Falls are common to anyone, but if you fall during pregnancy, there are some issues to pay attention to.

Pregnant women's uterus will not experience any long-term injury or injury from a slight fall, but if a heavy fall or collision at certain angles, there may be some complications.

Complications from falls can occur such as:

  • Placenta peeling.
  • Fractures.
  • Mentally altered state.
  • Fetal cranial damage.

Placenta bong

Placenta peeling is a dangerous complications when a woman accidentally falls

2. After falling, what case should I see a doctor?

In general, mild falls will not affect both the pregnant woman and the fetus much, but to make sure everything is okay, see a doctor. In case of falling at the end of the 3-monthperiod between pregnancy , or falling at any time during the last 3 months of pregnancy,go to the doctor immediately. Besides, seek emergency help if:

  • Signs of amniotic rupture,and/or vaginal bleedingare present.
  • Feels abdominal pain.
  • There are contractions to the uterus.
  • It is impossible to feel the movement of the fetus.

3. Traumatic examination after pregnant woman falls

If a pregnant woman is visiting for a fall, the first thing the doctor does is conduct an examination to see if there are any injuries that require immediate intervention. These lesions can be fractures or fractures, or it can be any thoracic injury that affects respiration.

After that, the doctor will examine the fetus, the doctor can prescribe some techniques such as machine monitoring of the fetal heart, ultrasoundof the ,… Machine-based pregnancy monitoring can track and detect uterus contractions in addition to the gestational heart index. With this information, the doctor can recognize complications after a fall such as placenta peeling or fetal heart failure.

The doctor also looked for signs of changes in the fetus that showed that the fetus was affected, such as uterus contractions,hemorrhages, or pelvic pain.

ultrasound screening for fetal malformations

When falling, pregnant women should soon go for an ultrasound of the pregnancy so that complications occur

4. Prevent future falls

It is impossible to be sure not to fall, but there are several ways to minimize falls during pregnancy as follows:

  • To avoid slippage, take a close look at the ground to avoid slippery places because of water or liquid.
  • Wear shoes or sandals with anti-slip soles.
  • Avoid wearing high heels.
  • Avoid carrying bulky objects that obscure vision.
  • Cling to the hand arm arm when stepping down the stairs.

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