Neuro-fibroids and treatment

Neuro-fibroids are a rare, dominant genetic disease. Most cases of benign neuro fibroids usually affect the aesthetics, only a small number of large tumors cause compression of the muscles, affecting the function of that body.

1. Overview of neuro fibroids

Neuro fibroids are a rare, genetic pathology, characterized by altering on nerves, bones and skin. Currently, the specific cause of the disease has not been found.

The disease has 2 out of 7 common types of neurological fibroids including:

  • Type 1: Accounting for 85% of cases, patients with multiple neuro fibroids between a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter, many small dots, small lumps resembling daisies on the skin, when pressing their hands lightly feel concave but leaving the tumor's hands as it was, accompanied or not accompanied by nerve damage , ovarian đệml tumors.
  • Type 2: Less commonly, this may appear auditory or central fibroids, usually two-party auditory neurons.

When a person has neuro fibroids, a series of tumors will appear, which are characterized by continuous development and running along the nerves. Tumors are very common under the skin, wherever nerves are visible, it can also appear in the eyelids, making the patient gradually unable to see because of the tumor.

More severe are tumors that appear in the spinal cord that cause myeloid compression, spinal deformity, affecting the ability to conduct nerve transmission. Or the disease that appears in the gastrointestinal, on the visual nerve affects the ability to see. However, neuro-fibroids are mostly benign, the tumors appearing on the skin affect the aesthetics, in rare cases are dangerous.


Neuro-fibroids are a rare, genetic pathology

2. Neuro-fibroids and treatment

Currently, there is no specific treatment for neuro fibroids, the treatment of neuro fibroids is mainly symptomatic treatment with drugs for neuro-fibroids, rehabilitation or surgery.

In addition, neuro fibroids can affect learning ability: For children with low IQ, a special learning program is required. Treatment of mental and neurological disorders in children if any includes attention-loss dysedile disorder, menstruation.

Surgery is a treatment for neuro fibroids in which severe, complex cases must be performed several times to remove the fibroid. Surgery is in dinhnable when:

  • When tumors affect life function such as large tumors, in locations that cause compression of the spinal cord, brain or bodies in the body.
  • The tumor under the skin, in the face causes aesthetic loss, the patient needs to be removed.
  • The tumor under the skin is too large to affect the ability of the patient to live and work.
  • Correction of bone malformations or scoliosis
  • Cancer.


Surgery is the treatment of neuro fibroids in which severe cases

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are also a cure for neuro-fibroids used when tumor compression affects life function, cancer without surgery. Physical therapy is the method that will be used when pinched tumors affect the motor function and sensation of the patient.

The vast majority of cases of nerve fibroids for conservative, follow-up treatment are the best method to assess the progress of the disease. The disease is at risk of progressing to cancer, so early detection of early signs of cancer should be detected. In addition, neuro fibroids are also heredic, so when intending to have children, they need to see a specialist before giving birth and the newborn should be monitored for evaluation of post-birth neurological function.

Neuro-fibroids do not have specific treatments, only supportive treatments, surgery if affecting life function and aesthetics cause loss of confidence. Early detection, regular monitoring of progress is the best way to detect early abnormalities caused by neuro fibroids. If you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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