Is Paget's disease in the breast dangerous?

Paget's disease in the breast is a form of skin disease, common in older women, the first manifestation is lesions on the skin of the breast and around the nipple area. The favorable factors that cause the disease are cracking, inflammation around the head of the breast, trauma …

1. What is breast paget disease?

Paget is a cancer of the apocrine gland epithmis in the epidermis. Paget's disease was first described in 1874 and is divided into two main bodies, including: Breast Paget and Extra-Breast Paget. These two bodies differ only in the position of appearance, and in terms of clinical manifestations are the same. Paget's disease is easily misdiagnosed with other skin conditions.

Breast Paget disease is common in women beyond the age of 50. The common location is one side of the breast. From one location, the lesion begins to spread to the surrounding areas. The characteristic manifestation of the disease is eczema redness, which has sub-skin scales, has a boundary that clearly distinguishes it from the surrounding area, when peeling off the sub-skin scales will see a damp substrate containing fluid. Besides, the person may palpation of a tumor or lymph node on the opposite side. More dangerously, Paget's disease is often associated with mammary gland cancer, which is life-threatening.

2. Signs of breast paget disease

Initially, the lesion was only a few small scales or organized horns around the breast. These layers of scales are fastened to the skin, which can be dry or slightly wet. The patient may feel tingling in this area. When peeling off the scales, a short time later another layer of scales forms. After a few years, the lesions develop forming an area that spreads throughout the breast head. Specific manifestations of Breast Paget disease:

  • Basic lesions: The skin around the breast appears red or gray patches. Lesions form first in the nipples or dark circles and then spread around. The shore is clearly damaged. Red, scaly, translated, nipple indented skin

Is Paget's disease in the breast dangerous?

The skin around the breast appears red or gray patches
  • Bleeding, itching, ulcers, pain: Patients may experience these symptoms in the early part of the disease. The breast paget can penetrate the hair follicles but does not get down to the middle of the envelope. It can only penetrate into the mesomy when combined with mammary gland cancer, causing wide meta meta metalyses.

3. Diagnosis of Breast Paget Disease

3.1. Differentive diagnosis

Diagnosis distinguishes Paget breast from skin diseases such as:

  • Candlesticks
  • Skin fungus
  • Nipple eczema
  • Bowen's disease
  • Melanoma…

3.2. Defining diagnosis

  • Clinical examination: based on the location of the lesion, lesion characteristics
  • Prolonged damage, generally uns responsive treatment
  • Hism hism pathology
  • Immuno-tissue staining

4. Is Paget's breast disease dangerous?

Up to 98% of Breast Paget cases are associated with breast cancer. Therefore, the patient should take great care, it is not recommended to be subjective to this skin disease. The disease is easy to misdiagnosed with other skin diseases, so it is difficult to detect, the time of detection is slow. A lot of women only go to the doctor when the disease has progressed too badly, breast cancer has developed. If left for a long time, the cancer metased, it is difficult to treat, the likelihood of death is high.

The predest for people with Paget's disease depends on many factors such as: the stage of detection of the disease, whether there is a tumor in the breast or not … If there is no tumor, the regnant will be more damaging. The 10-year survival rate is about 80-90%. But if there are tumors, mammary gland cancer penetrates, the survival rate after 5 years of the patient is about 40% and the 10-year survival rate is only about 20%.

To prevent breast cancer, women need to be wary of lesions in the nipple and areola areas, including very small but prolonged lesions. When abnormal signs are detected, it is necessary to immediately go to a medical facility for doctors to conduct timely diagnosis and treatment.

Is Paget's disease in the breast dangerous?

Breast cancer prevention: Beware of lesions in the nipple area

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