How does gonorrhea affect pregnancy?

Gonorrhea is spread through all forms of sexual contact. Pregnant women with gonorrhea, gonorrhea bacteria will cause inflammation of the lower genitals such as: vatis, cervical inflammation, amnioticitis that acts on pregnancy. Babies will be infected with gonorrhea during childbirth especially at vaginal birth.

1. Manifestations of gonorrhea during pregnancy

Clinical symptoms of gonorrhea in pregnant women:

  • Grumpy urine, urinary inguinal urine, turbid urine may be accompanied by pus;
  • Inflammation of thevagina , cervical;
  • High white blood, heavy white blood odor accompanied by fever;
  • Smoldering pain in the lower abdomen.

In particular, infection with gonorrhea before pregnancy, the risk of proboscis can occur in the first 3 months and manifest it clinically like a non-pregnant person.

If the pregnant woman with gonorrhea is not treated then at birth can cause life-threatening complications of the baby and if there is gonorrhea before pregnancy is not treated can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and this disease is a risk factor for an extra-intra-uterus pregnancy.

pregnant woman with gonorrhea

Lower abdominal smoldering pain with gonorrhea during pregnancy

2. The consequences gonorrhea causes in pregnancy

During pregnancy can cause premature birth (gonorrhea accounts for 8% of the risk) with manifestations of amniotic fluidinflammation , which causes amniotic rupture. Babies born underweight due to premature birth are deprived of months or fetal malnutrition.

During childbirth, it is easy to infect the fetus with gonorrhea at vaginal birth, causing babies to suffer from conjunctivitisof the eyes , gonorrhea bacteria from the secretion of the genitals that enter the eyes of the child that causes the disease. Gonorrhea conjunctivitis occurs on the 2nd – 3rd day after birth, the eyes are swollen with both upper and lower eyelids with a lot of yellow pus, the consequences of which often reduce vision and can lead to blindness.

Gonorrhea prone to premature birth

Pregnant women with gonorrhea are more likely to lead to premature birth

3. Prevention of gonorrhea in pregnancy

  • Pregnant women need to get a screening test from the first pregnancy visit and again in the last 3 months.
  • Prevention of gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases. Using condoms for men is the best way but it must be used properly, it is possible to use condoms for women but not both simultaneously.
  • Using drugs prescribed by a doctor, treatment of gonorrhea infections belongs to the new generation of cephalosporin antibiotics: ceftriaxon, cefixim. The tetracyclin group of antibiotics, aminozit and quinolon group should not be used because they adversely affect fetal development.
  • Combination of locally placed drugs in the vagina such as neotergynan, colposeptin for cases of vatis and cervical inflammation at gestational age from 15 weeks 10 weeks 1.
  • For babies with conjunctivitis, treat eyewash with physiological saline 6-8 times a day, taking erythromycin erythromycin eye drops 0.5% combined with taking body antibiotics such as intramuscular ceftriaxon.
  • Regular pregnancy examination, accordingto the appointment of an obstetrician, timely and active treatment for pregnant women infected with gonorrhea.
  • Propagating and educating about the dangers of gonorrhea, especially in pregnant people.

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