Iscyclical cardicardiary disease dangerous?

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Motherhood is a special function of any woman. However, pregnancy and childbirth pose many risks to the health of post-birth pregnant women, including perimeter myocarditis.

1. What iscyclical cardicardiary disease?

Perpartum cardiomyopathy is a type of dilated cardiomyopathy that appears during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth (a form of postpartum heart disease called peripartum cardiomyopathy). Any pregnant woman is at risk forcyclic myocarditis, including those who do not have a risk factor for heart disease and those who have never had heart disease.

Cyclic myocarditis can lead to heart failure in pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy or within 5 months after birth. Heart failure can be a temporary or more dangerous condition that can progress to severe and life-threatening heart failure of the woman.

2. Causes of perimeter cardicardiary disease

So far, the cause of permantal cardicardiary disease has not been clarified. There are many studies that show that myocarditis can be part of the cause, myocarditis associated with inflammatory proteins is sometimes found in the blood of pregnant women.

Besides, there is evidence also that some fetal cells when entering the mother's bloodstream can cause some immune responses that cause myocarditis. Some cases of perimeter myocarditis are also associated with genetic factors.

2. Who is at increased risk forcyclic myocarditis?

Multiple pregnancies

Multi-pregnancy pregnant women at increased risk for myocarditis

Percyclic myocarditis is a rare disease. However, the following cases are often at increased risk for percyclic myocarditis:

  • Older pregnant women (usually over 30 years old)
  • Multi-pregnancy women
  • Women after the birth of premature babies months
  • Cocaine abuse maternity
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Pregnant women with a history of pre-production , severe pregnancy intoxication
  • People with Chlamydia infection, enterovirus.
  • Women of African American race

3. Common symptoms of pericyclic myocarditis

Perital myocarditis often leads to heart failure, so there are symptoms similar to heart failure, namely:

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing especially when lying down
  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing
  • Legs, ankles, feet with signs of swelling, edema
  • Unn control weight gain (due to volume accumulation)
  • Confusion, insensitivity

4. Treatment of perital myocarditis


Pregnant women with perital myocarditis will be prescribed hydralazine drugs to help dilate blood vessels

Most people with cyclic myocarditis are treated in the same way as dilated cardicarditis. In some cases, pregnant women with cyclic myocardial muscles that progress to heart failure before the fetus is born should follow a standard heart failure treatment regimen.

Pregnant women with perital myocarditis will be prescribed hydralazine to help dilate blood vessels, while improving the symptoms of heart failure until the birth of a baby. Although drugs containing ACE ace inhibitors or aldosterone antagonist drugs are quite effective in the treatment of dilated cardicardia, they are not used for people who are in pregnancy because the drug can adversely affect the fetus.

In addition, some other drugs may be prescribed for use such as dies, digoxins, anti-freezing drugs,…

High-risk pregnant women are best advised to have regular visits to get advice from their doctor about the most appropriate diet and nutrition. Regular pregnancy examinations and screening tests also help pregnant women detect abnormalities early and have timely treatments, thereby minimize the worst complications.

5. Iscyclical cardicardiary disease dangerous?

As a rare disease with a 1/1,300 – 1/15,000 mortality rate,cyclic myocarditis is a dangerous disease if not detected and treated in a timely manner.

The mortality rate in people with perimeter myocarditis is quite high. Specifically:

  • Mortality rate 85%: Women after 5 years not only do not recover their health but also suffer from serious diseases such as chronic hemolysis, heart failure.
  • Mortality rate 50%: In people cardiac function is not normal and suffers from perimeter myocarditis during pregnancy.
  • Mortality rate 10%: Even for those who have been treated and recovered from motor cardicardia.

Therefore, pregnancy is not recommended for women who have a history of perimeter cardicardia. The majority of cases of perimeter myocardial muscles are diagnosed during childbirth or after the death of a pregnant woman. Therefore, early recognition and interventions to prevent severe disease progress are essential to help reduce possible mortality.

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