Do you have a full understanding of the vagina?

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In fact, many people are still shy and embarrassed when it comes to "vagina", even embarrassing if they learn about this part. This inadvertently causes the vaginal structure to not be fully understood, sometimes some other facts are still misunderstood.

1. Vaginal structure

The vagina is part of the muscle and tube tissue of the female genitals, which is a narrow canal, which is composed of muscles and begins to lead from the cervical to the outside of the body. Outside the vaginal door is partly covered with a thin film, which is called the hymen. The inner end is the cervical area connected to the vagina.

Many people confuse that the vagina includes some other parts such as the vaginal lips and the prosym. In fact, these parts belong to the part of the and are outside the vaginal structure, namely:

  • Pussy lips: Consists of two large lips and a baby lip that surrounds the vaginal opening;
  • Wrestling: Is a very sensitive area located near the top of the pussy, also known as le le or governor.

The vagina is an important body, which makes it possible for the woman to have sex with a sexual relationship and perform a function of reproduction. In addition, this is also where menstruation flows out periodically monthly according to the menstrual cycle.

Do you have a full understanding of the vagina?


2. Vaginal shape and size

Research shows that there is no standard size or shape for a woman's vaginal structure. This means that the vaginas of both women of any and both spawning age will have many differences. Factors such as age and height have an effect on the vaginal size of adult females.

3. Tights may not be clean

Unlike other underwear, behind the slit pants is a cloth cord that is located close to the skin of the anus. This design can facilitate bacteria and feces from the rectum to enter the vagina as well as the urinary tract in case the fabric rope slides forward. Therefore, female friends especially should not use panties if they are having diarrhea or other gastrointestinal problems.

4. Is the G-point in the vagina?

Do you have a full understanding of the vagina?

There is no evidence yet of the existence of a G-point

There is no evidence that G-scores actually exist physically. In 1950, The German doctor Ernst Grafenberg suggested that a specific area on the frontal city of the vagina was very sensitive to be touched, if stimulated this position could bring orgasm in females. However, until now experts have continued to debate the existence of a G-point on the vaginal city and there is no final conclusion.

5. The maximum time to replace a new tampon is 8 hours

Leaving a tampon in the vagina longer than 8 hours can lead to to toxic shock syndrome (TSS) – a bacterial infection. Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome include:

  • High fever;
  • Dizziness or fainting;
  • Rashes such as sunburn;
  • Vomiting or diarrhea;
  • Weakness or severe muscle pain;
  • Red swelling in the eyes, mouth, throat and vagina;
  • Headache and dis dis direction.

6. Vaginal dosing should not be

Doctors do not recommend vaginal dosing action for the following three main reasons:

  • Increased risk of yeast infection due to vaginal pH imbalance;
  • Causes the uterus and other pelvic organs to become infected;
  • Increased risk of pneumonia.

In fact, unpleasant odors in the closed area come from the – a part that is located outside the vagina. Therefore, you just need to keep the clean with water and a specialized closed area rinse solution to prevent odors, while avoiding infections.

7. Vaginal secrety

Do you have a full understanding of the vagina?

Vaginal secrety

Vaginal secrety will vary in number, color, and characteristics throughout the month of the female cycle. Sometimes they are transparent or opaque white with a normal vaginal odor; can be as dense as creamy, sticky or similar to egg whites, depending on each stage of the cycle that the female is experiencing inside the body.

8. Benefits from Kegel exercises

Kegels are exercises that tighten the muscles around the vagina, similar to the movement of trying to stop the flow of urine. Also known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels can help:

  • Prevent urination, stool or control of "deflated" by keeping the uterus, urethra and intestines from falling into the vaginal structure;
  • Strengthens the vaginal and pelvic muscles, in order to improve the likelihood of orgasm.

9. Signs of vatis

Signs of vamatitis,the vagina or cervical due to environmental imbalances inside the genitals include:

  • Increased abnormal secrety;
  • Changes in the smell of secrety;
  • Itching or irritation around the vagina.

The causes of inflammation can be deep dosing, irritation with closed area cosmetics, pregnancy, infections or antibiotics.

10. Pain during sex

Nearly three-fourths of women will have pain during intersing at some point in their lives. There are various causes of female pain during sex, so it is advisable to seek support and advice from a doctor if the condition persists and affects the quality of life. In addition, the American Society of Obstetrician and Gynecologist Surgeons also gives some tips to improve pain during sex as follows:

  • Use lubricants;
  • Have sex when they both feel comfortable;
  • Try painless ways of having sex;
  • Make time for foreplay, stimulation like massage.

Do you have a full understanding of the vagina?

Pain during sex

11. Cesarean section and normal birth

If a woman has ever gave birth by caesarean section, they can still give birth usually vaginally at later pregnancies. Some criteria must be met to decide whether a pregnant woman should have a cesarean section (TOLAC) or try to give birth normally. According to statistics, about 60-80% of women who choose a cesarean section are still capable of giving birth usually through the vagina.

In summary, the vagina is a very important part of human reproduction, as well as plays a key role in satisfying the sexual needs of both men and women. A more complete understanding of vaginal structure as well as other relevant information is a way to help women have appropriate care and protection.

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