What do you know about gender and transgender?

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Previously, we barely mentioned a society with families that was a combination of a male and a female with the aim of maintaining the breed. At that time, it is very strange for a person to love someone of the same sex or desire to have a different gender, even considered sick.

1. Gender and gender definition

Gender is a biological feature that makes the difference between men and women. Gender is innate and homo consensus, that is, between men and women everywhere in the world there are equal biological differences, which cannot be changed between men and women, which are determined by biological factors. For example, women have female genitals and can get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed with their own milk, while men have male genitals and can produce sperm.

Gender is the social difference between men and women such as roles, attitudes, behaviors and values. Gender roles are known through learning and vary by culture and time, so gender can change. Example. Women can also be strong and assertive, become leaders, pilots, mechanics …

On the contrary, men can be gentle and patient, can work as chefs, edicing staff, scribes, scribes, etc. These interchangeable characteristics are social concepts, thoughts, and standards. They vary from one culture to another in a particular context of one society, decided by social, historical, religious and economic factors. Therefore, the status of Western women is different from the status of eastern women, the social status of Vietnamese women is different from the social status of Muslim women, the status of rural women is different from the status of women in urban areas.


Gender is a biological feature that makes the difference between men and women

2. Transgender Basics

Theword " transgender" implies more meaning that people can recognize. It consists of a series of gender identity and expression characteristics that can lie in the minds of the majority of people that can be classified as only one of two sexes – male or female (binary sex).

There are two types of transgender people: male to female and female to male. From a sexual orientation perspective, it is possible to divide into transgender people (e.g. transgender people from male to female and only female lovers), bisexual transgender people (e.g. transgender men to females and can love both men and women) and heterosexual transgender people (e.g. transgender people from female to male and only female lovers).

In society, not everyone has a proper and complete awareness of transgender people. Here are some basics about transgender people:

  • Transgender people are born with a normal, complete biological sex (clearly distinguished as male or female) but their gender feelings and desires do not coincide with the biological sex available.
  • Gender res transition surgery is not required to be considered transgender. A person who has the same perception and desire to have the opposite sex to his biological sex will be considered transgender. In some countries, transgender people who do not need surgery can still have their gender changed. However, some other countries require gender res transition surgery to be admitted. It can be seen that although transgender and transgender people exist in every society, everywhere in the world, these concepts are still understood in a rather confusing and embarrassing way even to those who are not able to identify their gender identity. In general, "transgender" is a term with a very broad inner function .


Transgender is a very broad inner meaning
  • Most cases such as men often pretend/wear costumes as women or vice versa are transgender. Except for some people who are respented into people of a different gender for work/entertainment needs (they may be heterosexual, gay, or bisexual), most of them are transgender. As stated, because transgender people are aware of the desire to have the opposite gender, they have made such a costume. In this case, they do not have gender res transition surgery because the law has not allowed or has no economic conditions. There are also many people who think that transgender people are unusual, males do not go male, females do not come out female. Sometimes, some people see transgender people's desire to live the right gender as sick, uns natural, unacceptable. Many families who know their child is transgender have forced them to live the same gender when they are born, confined, not to let them interact with society outside …

However, transgender gender identity is a natural, i non-changeable thing and they have a need for medical interventions against their bodies to match their gender identity. For transgender people, they face more social stigma than gay or bisexual people.

A very important reason for this situation is that the majority of transgender people cannot hide their gender identity, which when expressed is very clear (e.g., transgender people from male to female often in women, using chalk lipstick…) should be exposed more than gay people (less to say sexual orientation to others). , usually only shown in thinking or hiding people around, even if they love people of the same sex do not show through appearance like transgender people). Besides, many transgender people (e.g. men to women) who have not undergone surgery often prefer to pretend to be female, using chalk lipstick that causes many people in society to misunderstand them as gay.

It is this that sometimes makes gay people stigmam transgender because they think transgender people misunderstand society about gays. Many transgender people have had transgender surgery but have not been recognized by law and society, so it is difficult to access health services, difficult to get a job … Sometimes some people are transgender (who have had surgery) because they have not been able to exchange identification documents, so they are difficult in civil, social relations or physically abused but not properly protected. Transgender people themselves in countries that have admitted legally but in social life they still have very difficult lives. This comes largely from the prejudices of society.

The recognition of same-sex couples' co-living is the hottest issue of gay people, dominated by many political, cultural, social, traditional factors … Currently in the world there are three recognizedforms of co-living of gay people: Equal marriage rights, civil combinations (registered co-living), un registerable co-living. Recently, the United Nations has also recognized the notion of a wide range in validing the (rather than fixed) progress of the definition of family. Practice shows that supporters of same-sex marriage are based on common human rights, equality before the law, and the goal of normalizing LGBT relationships . (lesbian, gay, bisexual / transgender) and LGBTI are the combined word LGBT and "I" is "intersex".


Reality shows that supporters of same-sex marriage are based on common human rights, pre-law equality, and the goal of normalizing LGBT relationships

Opponents often rely on whether the word marriage includes same-sex couples. Other reasons are the direct and indirect impact of same-sex marriage, children's issues, religious backgrounds, traditions and heterosexual monopolies. Many supporters of same-sex marriage attribute the opposition to same-sex marriage to homosexual disgust. Ending the stigma of access to civil marriage has become a pressing issue in many countries.

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Article reference source: Mayoclinic.org

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