Do children drink calcium and need to take more vitamin D?

Calcium and vitamin D are important nutrients in the formation and development of the micelecular system in children, the lack of these 2 nutrients can increase the risk of many diseases. So do you need to take more vitamin D for your child?

1. What are the benefits of calcium for the development of the child?

In the human body only about 2% is calcium, concentrated mainly in the teeth, a small part is located in the blood and external cells. However, calcium is a micro mineral that plays an important role in the development of young children. Accordingly, calcium is involved in the formation of bones and teeth and is the main component that makes up the skeleton of the body. Not only that, calcium also plays an important role in the transmission of neurons, muscle contraction function, coaulation process. Failure to adequately supplement your child with calcium will cause them to experience conditions such as:

  • Rickets, malnutrition, slow growth, weak teeth and uneven growth.
  • Inhibits nerves, nosediness at night, startles when sleeping.
  • The severe condition even causes the child to suffer from motor dysfunction.

Children develop height

Calcium plays an important role in the development of young children

2. Causes and manifestations in children with calcium deficiency

There are many causes of calcium deficiency in children, some of the main causes can be mentioned as:

  • During childbirth the child is deprived of oxygen or asphyxiated.
  • Symptoms from diseases such as gestational diabetes mellitus or gestational poisoning.
  • The child's nutrition is not reasonable leading to calcium deficiency.
  • Children do not sunbathe often leading to vitamin D deficiency (an important nutrient in the process of helping the body absorb calcium better).

The manifestations of children with calcium deficiency are as follows:

  • When sleeping is sweating a lot for a long time.
  • At night sleep is not good or startled, often crying.
  • Severe calcium deficiency will cause malnutrition, rickets, slow growth, weak teeth and slow growth.
  • Hair falls out into a rim shape at the back of the neck.
  • Regularly twist yourself, drink milk or vomit.

Is coronary hair loss in young children worrying?

Signs of calcium deficiency in young children

3. Do children drink calcium and need to take more vitamin D?

Calcium plays an important role in the development of the child, but the body does not synthesize the substance on its own. Therefore, to supplement calcium for the child must be taken from an external source. Accordingly, the older the child, the higher the need for calcium supplementation, so the mother should be aware of giving her children calcium from an early age.

However, improper calcium supplementation will be counterprosic, causing children to suffer from diseases such as constipation, kidney calcification, bone pain. Not only supplementing herself with calcium, the mother needs to supplement vitamin D so that the child can absorb calcium in the best way. Therefore, for parents' questions about whether children drink calcium, they need to take vitamin D, the answer is yes.

The needs of calcium and vitamin D by age are listed in the table below:

4. How to properly supplement calcium for children

The addition of calcium to babies, especially those who are still infants, needs to follow the instructions of nutritionists. Do not give medicines or functional foods on your own.

For breastfeeding babies, breast milk is the main source of nutrition. Therefore, the nutrition of the mother plays a very important role. In the daily menu mothers can add substances high in calcium as follows:

  • Use a lot of milk and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt,…
  • Cereals and seeds such as beans, almonds, cashews, walnuts, sesame seeds,…
  • Dark green vegetables such as spoon vegetables, spinach, spinach,…
  • Types of aquatic products such as shrimp, crab, snails, mussels,…

In addition, it is necessary to absorb vitamin D every morning by sunbathing, it is recommended to bathe in the morning or afternoon because this is the time when the sun provides the most vitamin D. It is recommended to put the child in thin clothes so that the absorption process takes place most effectively.


Calcium is high in some foods

5. Some noted issues for both mother and baby when taking calcium supplements

Breastfeeding women need to absorb about 1000 mg of calcium per day, but due to a post-birth diet, calcium deficiency is often common. Therefore, mothers can also use calcium supplements, but absolutely must follow the instructions of their doctor.

Children over 7 months old who can eat miles, mothers should prepare an abundant menu to supplement their calcium in the most reasonable way.

Vitamin D helps children absorb calcium in the most optimal way, so while they drink calcium, it is quite possible to use additional vitamin D. In addition, the intake of calcium must be followed by a nutritionist. Do not give your child medications or functional foods without your doctor's permission.

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