Can infants get dengue?

Infants are babies between 1 month and 1 year old. This is a period when the child is thriving and the resistance is weak so it needs to be protected and cared for for the child to develop comprehensively. One of the diseases that babies need to be protected is dengue.

1. Dengue fever in infants

Dengue virus haemorrhagic fever is medially caused by zebra mosquitoes, mosquitoes are the main culprits of dengue in all non-excluded subjects.

Dengue fever in infants usually progresses very quickly and is difficult to identify in the first place because at the uns spoken stage, once the disease is infected, it is impossible to tell the common symptoms of dengue such as headache, abdominal pain, discomfort … therefore, it is difficult to diagnose based on the symptoms of the disease until the child appears sub-skin bleeding or vomiting, hematoma to be detected and taken to the doctor.

In addition, the initial manifestations in infants with dengue fever are cough, runny nose, liquid ate, or identified by parents as respiratory and digestive diseases. Therefore, when the child has a fever for more than 2 days, parents should take them to a medical facility for monitoring and testing to find out the disease so that it can be treated in a timely manner.

Raging dengue: How to kill mosquitoes thoroughly

Dengue virus-mediaced dengue fever is a humane mosquito

2. How to prevent dengue in infants

Since the main culprit for dengue is mosquitoes, children should be prevent mosquito bites by sleeping day and night, wearing long-sleeved clothes for them. Avoid leaving your child in a dark place because of the high risk of mosquito bites. It is recommended to regularly clean in and around the house, remove water storages such as lu, cauldrons or raise 7-colored fish to destroy the toss.

In case the area where the child lives is occurring, it is necessary to let the child go away from the place where the epidemic is occurring.

3. Causes of dengue fever in infants

The causes of dengue fever for infants are Dengue virus and zebra mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites a person with dengue, the mosquito's proboscis contains dengue virus, so if the child unfortunately is bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus, it will be infected with the virus that causes dengue.

Dengue cannot be transmitted from person to person without a zebra mosquito as an intermediate host.

The virus that causes dengue has 4 strains: dengue 1, 2,3,4. Infants with dengue are infected with one of the four strains of the virus. Dengue is not a disease that appears only once in a person's life.

Therefore, infants with dengue are still likely to be reinfected with one of the remaining pathogenic virus strains and will be up to 4 times more likely to become infected with the virus if not prevented.

Viruses that cause dengue

Dengue virus causes dengue fever

4. Signs of dengue in infants

  • Children with high fever, temperature rise suddenly
  • Babies breastfeeding, belly obstruction, fuss
  • Appearance of red dots under the skin
  • Vomiting or bloody ate or bye
  • Nosebleeds

Infants with dengue are very vulnerable to life-threatening due to limited resistance. Mothers should actively provide nutrients and resistance to the baby by breastfeeding completely in the first 6 months of life. When a child shows a disease, it is necessary to take him to medical facilities in time for treatment.

The pediatrics department at Share99 International Health Hub is the address to receive and examine the diseases that babies as well as young children are susceptible to: Viral fever, bacterial fever, otitis media, pneumonia in children,… With modern equipment, ile space, minimize the impact as well as the risk of spreading the disease. Along with that is the dedication from experienced doctors to pediatric patients, making the examination no longer a concern of parents.

Pediatric examination, pre-vaccination examination

Detecting a child presenting with dengue, parents should take the child to the hospital immediately

Customers can directly go to Share99 Health System nationwide for examination or contact the hotline here for assistance.


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