What do 9-month-olds know how to do?

The article was consulted professionally by Specialist I Dang Thi Ngoc Chuong – Department of Pediatrics – Newborn, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub. He has worked at Children's Health Hub I, Thu Duc Health Hub and Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Health Hub. With the strength in the diagnosis and examination of newborn diseases – newborn resuscitation.

At the age of 9 months, the child begins to be more active and interested in exploration, the development of the child is not only in mobility, but also in emotions and intellect. At this stage, the child has begun to be more flexible, knowing how to regulate his emotions. So what do 9-month-olds know what to do, what should be noted when caring for them at this stage?

1. What do 9-month-olds know how to do?

Over time, all children's skills will gradually improve, although there are many 9-month-olds who do not know how to sit, but most of the time, they know how to crawl to move everywhere, there are even babies who use their buttocks to move and take objects that they love. The life of the baby at this stage also has certain changes.

1.1 Eating and sleeping skills

The 9-month-old stage can be the most chaotic period for children because of their curious nature and interest in exploring, they feel interested and want to try all the food or simply hold and throw food splashed all over the floor. Even so, mothers should not be afraid of dirty, have to wipe the curls but force them to tie in a certain framework, let them feed themselves, decide for themselves how much to eat, what food to eat and how to eat, let them use the handle of food as they like. This will help you know your child's eating preferences and create a comfortable eating environment, so that she will eat better.

When the ability to eat gradually improves, sleep is still the most important for the baby, when drowsiness can be irritable and tired, pay attention to the emotional manifestations to let the baby go to bed at the right time and sleep will also be better.

1.2. Improve your speaking skills

There are many 9-month-oldswho do not know how to sit , but this rate accounts for very little, which can be caused by the baby being slower to develop than other babies or themselves with something, parents need to monitor to promptly take their child to the hospital for examination and have timely treatment methods.

What do 9-month-olds know how to do?

Improve speaking skills in 9-month-olds

Usually, when entering the 9th month, the baby will tend to practice speaking more, the mother will be surprised when the baby's voice becomes soaring, the baby is nois noised, more aer. Notice how your child reacts when he hears sudden noise, and if there are abnormal changes, take him to check it out immediately.

When you enter the 9-month-oldstage, your child has noticed when listening to others talk, he has a hobby of seeing the mouth of the speakers and will follow, to help his communication skills develop best, parents should communicate with him more, tell him stories, sing to him will help develop languages faster.

1.3 Development of motor skills

When entering the 9-month-old stage, the child's motor skills will develop rapidly, he knows how to take the items he likes by walking, crawling or sturdy children who have taken short steps on their own, enamel in chairs or into beds … They're going to mess around everywhere. In fact, there are many 9-month-olds who do not know cows but can go, this case is often called cow hiding.

Curiosity, prep to explore the urge for children to be more active, to protect their children, parents should pay attention to the safe distance for the child, do not leave objects capable of causing damage within the scope of their child's play, always put them in their eyes to promptly handle when unfortunate cases occur.

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1.4 Emotional changes

Surely many mothers will feel surprised and sometimes a little inconvenient when at this time the baby suddenly clings to her more, all day just asking to be with her, so because when she was 9 months old, she was a little older and missed her face, she realized that being with her always felt safe. , therefore, when meeting strangers, the baby may be scared and screaming. Children's feelings of love, love, and hate are also manifested quite clearly during this period.

1.5 Development of awareness skills

Children's perceptions vary from day to day, parents may not know what a 9-month-old can do but can see their child's abilities change day by day, they focus on the games that adults offer and especially like to throw everything at hand, putting their eyes to it when taken away.

On the other hand, the child can move objects from one hand to the other flexibly or put the toy in the mouth easily, which is a very clear testament to the development of the child's awareness skills, the parent's thing is to clean the toys so that the bacteria cannot attack , causing disease to the baby.

2. What is parenting like when you are 9 years old?

What do 9-month-olds know how to do?

9-month-old baby's personality reveals more clearly

When you know what a 9-month-old child knows what to do, it is also time for the child's personality to be revealed more clearly, the parent's thing is to learn, accept and have a parenting direction always from this point on, each child is a different individual, absolutely do not compare his child with other children to avoid bringing negative emotions or feelings of inferiority to the child.

Spend more time chatting with your child during this period to bond with them while increasing their child's ability to communicate. Don't stop me when they want to do what they love because doing so will hinder my interests, they will become shy.

Watching your child's development always brings great experiences that parents never get a second time, so take advantage of your time with, take care of and watch your child every day, accompany them on the development path.

The 9-month-old has important developments in life. Parents should grasp the milestones to accompany and help their children develop best. If you notice unusual signs of your child, you should take your child to a reputable medical facility for advice and examination.

Currently, Share99 is one of the few hospitals with a full range of pediatric specialties, can have a general examination in combination with a nutritionist to help build a separate menu for babies, neurological examinations, mental problems, reflexes. In particular, Share99 has strengths in motor examination with the coordination of a rehabilitation center for children with autism – cerebral palsy.

If you wish to see experienced pediatricians at Share99, please make an reservation on the website to be served.

If you wish to see experienced pediatricians at Share99, please make an reservation on the website to be served

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