Pelvic floor exercises, back pain relief for women after cesarean section

Motherhood is a goddess, a happiness that any woman desires to have. However, to go through a period of more than 9 months of pregnancy and overtaking, the woman's body will be severely affected. Even if the option of cesarean section can alleviate the pain during labor, the maternity will also suffer many post-birth complications, especially the manifestation of back pain. Then the application of post-birth back pain relief exercises is necessary.

1. Learn about women's pelvic floors

The pelvic floor is a part likened to a hammock made up of many weights and muscles intertwined. In front of the pelvic floor are the pubic and abdominal wall, on both sides are the hip pelvis and the back of the pelvic floor is the lumbar spine down to the pelvis of the same coccyx.

The pelvic floor contains many nervous systems and blood vessels, it is the whole of 3 systems: the lower urinary system (urethra, bladder), the genital system (vagina, uterus), the lower urinary system (bladder, urethra) and the lower digestive system (anus, rectum). With the role of opening and closing the urinary, vaginal, anal, pelvic floor holes help control the toilet activity, human sexuality at will, thanks to the pelvic floor, the birth process is also easier.

Post-birth back pain relief exercises

Pelvic floor in females

2. Why do women need post-cesarean rehabilitation?

After birth, the woman's body suffers certain injuries, therefore the practice of general rehabilitation and the application of post-birth back pain relief exercises are essential, helping to recover quickly and return the body to its normal state.

If the maternity returns to physical activity too early after birth, it can dilate the muscles and cause a direct effect on the body with typical symptoms such as: tension, discomfort in the abdomen and pelvic floor. When there are activities that are not suitable for health, it will cause more and more pain in the back, abdominal pain or fall to the pelvic organs. Therefore, practicing post-cesarean rehabilitation with pelvic floor exercises is a measure to help women better understand the pelvic area to return to daily activities (sex, sports practice), this is also the most effective and safe cure for post-birth back pain.

Practicing post-birth rehabilitation under the guidance of a physical and therapeutic technician will help post-biological maternity learn how to control your body and effectively prevent secondary complications that may occur in the early part of post-birth when the maternity tries to return to daily activities.

In particular, pelvic floor exercises also help post-birth maternity prevent complications such as spinal or pelvic pain, reduce the risk of urinary inatility or childbirth …

3. Benefits of applying post-birth pelvic floor exercises

Post-cesarean women will face more risks and the recovery time will be longer than normal birth. Therefore, the application of pelvic floor exercises is not only an effective cure for post-cesarean back pain, but also brings the following benefits:

  • Helps the body fight fatigue, reduce stress and prevent, improve post-birth depression;
  • Help women go to sleep better and regulate post-birth insomnia effectively;
  • Helps improve back pain, abdominal muscle opening caused by pregnancy, labor;
  • Help women quickly regain a toned, neat physique and control weight effectively;
  • Help women restore their post-birth health and well-being;
  • Restore the structure of the pelvic floor after birth and prevent and effectively treat the conditions of vaporization, urinary incontinence, uterus,bladder salapse, rectal dislapse or vaginal dility.

4. Apply post-birth back pain relief exercises

Post-cesarean back pain relief exercises should be carried out regularly every day, every 30 minutes, if this habit is maintained at least 6 weeks after birth to see the effect.

Post-birth back pain relief exercises

Post-cesarean back pain relief exercises should be carried out regularly every day, every 30 minutes

Before training, women need to warm up their limbs and spend 10 minutes specialized pelvic floor muscles inside the vagina or practice separately by attaching to daily routines (each time breastfeeding or when to remember and feel convenient).

For post-birth back pain relief exercises with pelvic floor muscles, there are many suitable options for being able to do the same form of exercise. Women should drink enough water and eat enough nutrients, before practicing do not leave the abdomen too full.

The time to apply pelvic floor exercises to relieve back pain after cesarean section is ideally from the 6th day after surgery, when health and mental health have felt ready for the workout.

When applying the treatment of post-birth back pain with pelvic floor exercises that show the following signs, the maternity should stop practicing and contact a doctor or technician, specifically:

  • Pain, cramps in the legs or abdominal muscles;
  • Severe back pain;
  • Headache, chest pain;
  • Swelling, edema of the face, hands or legs;
  • Dizziness, dizziness;
  • Walking aches and pains;
  • High vaginal bleeding;
  • Heart beats fast, nervous.

In addition, if after giving birth, the maternity knows how to move and self-assess the recovery process, knowing how to avoid pain, it will feel much better. Learn to listen to the body and absolutely do not stretch the body, so that the body suffers pain or discomfort. Don't hesitate to discuss health issues with your doctor or physical treatment specialist. If possible, exercise early after birth, get out of bed and practice walking to promote blood circulation, preventing the formation of blood clots.

For safety, consult your doctor or physical technician before intending to exercise the pelvic floor to cure post-birth back pain and help restore your body. Doctors will check if the condition of the maternity body is suitable for exercise and advise appropriate exercise, avoiding adverse health effects.

Each post-maternity period will have appropriate fitness activities, so women need to learn to be able to choose the safest and most effective exercise for themselves.

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