What month should pregnant women get tetanus vaccination?

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Tetanus vaccination for pregnant women is necessary for the prevention of tetanus for the mother and umbilical cord for babies. What is the best time for tetanus vaccination in the 1st month?

1. Why should pregnant women get tetanus vaccinations?

  • Tetanus is an acute infection caused by tetanus bacterium called Clostridium Tetani. If the patient suffers, the toxins that cause the disease quickly the patient most often dies, so the best way to prevent tetanus is to vaccinate tetanus.
  • Tetanus bacterium usually lives in soil, dirt, air,… everywhere in the habitat they can infect healthy people through open wounds. In addition, the viability of this bacterium is very strong, living at high temperatures, although boiling for a long time can not destroy them.
  • Why do pregnant women need tetanus vaccination? Pregnant women are at increased risk for tetanus during childbirth or when babies are cut off non-eseptic umbilical cords or through open skin wounds.

The cause of tetanus is tetanus bacterium (Clostridium tetani)

Clostridium Tetani bacterium causes tetanus
  • What is the purpose of tetanus vaccination during pregnancy? Tetanus vaccination for pregnant women is essential for the purpose of preventing the risk of disease in both mother and baby, preparing for labor. Specifically:
  1. Help pregnant women create antibodies in the body to avoid infecting their mother with tetanus
  2. Tetanus vaccination for pregnant women also creates antibodies transmitted to the child's body to help children minimize the risk of tetanus infection after birth.
  • Tetanus vaccine for pregnant women has been proven to be safe for both mother and baby, without affecting the fetus
  • Note that for tetanus vaccines, pregnant women need to be vaccinated at the right time during the prescribed pregnancy to achieve maximum effect without affecting fetal health.

Is it okay for pregnant women not to vaccinate tetanus?

Tetanus vaccine is safe for both mother and baby

2. Pregnant woman vaccinated against tetanus vaccine in the 10th month

For a woman who is pregnant for the first time without a tetanus vaccination before, 2 shots are required.

  • VAT 1 is injected as soon as possible. However, in the first 3 months due to the unstable pregnancy, which is the stage of formation of the muscles, it is possible to cause miscarriages due to various causes. Therefore, most healthcare facilities recommend VAT 1 injections at about 3 months between pregnancy, from about 20 weeks 1
  • VAT 2 injection after VAT 1 at least 30 days and at least 30 days before the expected date of birth.
  • VAT 3: Injected in the following pregnancy, at least 6 months from VAT 2
  • VAT 4: Injected in the following pregnancy, at least 1 year away from VAT 3
  • VAT 5: Injected in the following pregnancy, at least 1 year away from VAT 4
  • 2-shot VAT vaccination for pregnant women who have not been vaccinated or tetanus from a young age
  • For women who have received 5 tetanus shots, 2nd pregnancy with the last injection less than 10 years, there is no need to vaccinate tetanus again because there are still antibodies to protect. If the vaccination period is after 10 years, it is necessary to repeat 2 shots.
  • If the previous pregnancy, the mother has received 2 shots of tetanus vaccine no more than 10 years ago, only 1 shot of the vaccine is required from the week of pregnancy 20 10 years.

How many years should the tetanus vaccine be repeated?

Pregnant women need 2 tetanus injections

3. Notes on tetanus vaccination for pregnant women

  • Tetanus vaccination for pregnant mothers is quite troublesome due to multiple injections, however pregnant women should have enough shots to ensure good disease resistance of the body for both mother and baby
  • Tetanus vaccination for pregnant women can cause side effects such as painful swelling at the injection site, which will usually cure itself after a few days without medication. If the pregnant woman has an over-reaction or abnormality after vaccination, it is necessary to go to medical facilities for timely treatment
  • Gestational age is calculated most accurately according to the first day of the last menstrual period for women with an even menstrual cycle or calculated gestational age according to the ultrasound of the first 3 months so the pregnant mother needs to calculate the gestational age correctly to ensure tetanus injections from gestational age 20 weeks 1 00 weeks and nose after at least 1 month and before the date of birth 1 month. Therefore, pregnant mothers should ensure that they do not go for injections on their own, but should be based on their gestational age and second pregnancy.

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