Long-term effects of egg-eating on reproduction health

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Egg pregnancy is usually benign, but in some cases can lead to frightening complications such as invasive egg pregnancy or culture cell cancer and long-term effects on sexual health.

1. Invasive egg pregnancy

Invasive egg pregnancy is also known as malignant egg pregnancy. Usually, the egg fetal tissue will be located in the uterus and be considered benign. However, there are about 5-10% of cases where egg fetal tissue will invade the muscles of the uterus called invasive egg pregnancy and is considered malignant. The symptom of this disease is that the egg will puncture the uterus causing bleeding in the abdomen or will migrate far to form malignant tumors. The places where egg fetal tissue usually migrates are the vagina, lungs, brain..

2. Complications of egg-eating

Invasive egg pregnancy

After miscarriage or egg scraping, infection complications are most likely to occur if the antibiotic treatment is not positive and adequate

Early non-treated egg pregnancy will lead to many dangerous complications such as blood loss, malnutrition, miscarriage of eggs causing severe bleeding or perforation of the uterus due to egg pregnancy ingrained in the muscle layer of the uterus. In addition, egg pregnancy causes many malignant complications such as invasive egg pregnancy and culture cell cancer (this is a malignant cancer, which can cause total metaaculation and a very high mortality rate).

  • Bacterial infections: After lemongrass or egg scraping, infection complications are most likely to occur if the antibiotic treatment is not positive and adequate. Accompanied by an uns warranted hygiene problem can also cause the woman to become infected with multiple infections.
  • Blood bandages: If not treated, the eggs will stride naturally. When the bleeding causes severe bleeding and easy to miss eggs, vegetable omissions.
  • Perforation of the uterus: If it is a malignant egg ingrained in the muscle layer of the uterus, it is very dangerous to puncture the uterus causing bleeding that overwhelms the abdomen. In addition, those who have eggs are very soft in the uterus, so it is easy to lead to perforation of the uterus when dredging eggs.
  • Cultured whole-cell cancer: Normally, incubating eggs is not dangerous, since about 80% of eggs are benign, the disease is cured after scraping the placenta or cutting off the baby in humans who no longer need to give birth. Cultured stem cancer is often deeply invasive into the layer of the muscles of the uterus causing necrosis to bleed and meta metabolize far to other organs of the body such as the liver, lungs, brain, working very difficult treatment.

Normally the course of egg pregnancy, more than 80% of egg pregnancies after being treated with suction will go well. In about 20% of the remaining cases, cultured atoms continue to grow and secrete hCG leading to complications.

3. Prevention of incubation of eggs

Invasive egg pregnancy

Pregnant women need to wait a minimum of 2 years if they want to have children after pregnancy

For the prevention of egg pregnancy, women need to eat adequate nutrients, clean the genitals. Carry out planned childbirth, do not give birth to too many offspring and give birth close to each other, it is not recommended to give birth at the age of more than 35 years. Although there is no history of egg pregnancy, women should also go to the pregnancy check-up periodically to detect dangerous abnormalities.

If the maternity has once had an egg and wants to have children again, it is necessary to wait a minimum of 1 year, if it is a high-risk egg pregnancy, the period is 2 years. When pregnant again, maternity also needs to be consulted and carefully monitored by an obstetrician.

Egg-laying affects women's health and has dangerous complications. Egg-feeding is one of the abnormal pregnancies, common in countries with underdeve developed economies, the mother is not allowed to eat enough nutrients. In our country, the rate of egg-taking is quite high, accounting for about 1 in 500 pregnant people. Therefore, women need to have certain understandings about this phenomenon such as causes, symptoms, prevention,… For those who have ever treated an egg, it is recommended to follow the doctor's post-surgical instructions. During your next pregnancy, go to the hospital early for a diagnosis and monitor if there is a recurrent egg attack.

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