Who should not implant the contraceptive rod?

The article was consulted professionally by Specialist I Pham Thi Yen – Obstetrician and Gynecologist – Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub.

Instead of taking contraceptive pills, using condoms or placing rings, contraceptive rod implantation is the method that many women choose because of the many advantages it brings.

1. When is the contraceptive rod implanted?

Contraceptive rod implantation is applied to women of child's age who want to take a highly effective contraceptive for many years (from 3-5 years) and can easily restore fertility after stopping the measure. The most suitable time for implantation of the contraceptive rod is on the first 5 days of the menstrualcycle ,the first 3 months after abortion or miscarriage . For post-birth women, it is necessary to wait at least 3-4 weeks after birth to implant the contraceptive stick.

2. Subjects who can implant contraceptive rods

Contraceptive rods can be used for most women who are in stable health, are not pregnant and have special medical problems. In addition, the contraceptive implant is also the optimal alternative to placing the contraceptive ring,thereby helping to minimize the risk of infection of the genital area, slipping the ring to make the pregnancy unexpected.

Implanon contraceptive sticks are especially useful for women who are breastfeeding (more than 6 weeks after birth), have endometriosis, uterinefibroids, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high blood pressure,diabetes….

Implanon Contraceptive Implants

Implanon Contraceptive Rods

3. Who should not implant the contraceptive rod?

Although the subject may use a fairly wide contraceptive implant, there are still cases where caution should be exercised when using such as:

  • Women breastfeed less than 6 weeks after birth.
  • Hemorrhage, unsym cause vaginal bleeding.
  • Have breast cancer or have a pre-20s breast cancer.
  • People with severe liver disease (acute liver or tumors in the liver..).
  • Patients with systemic lupus erythem erythem
  • The person has a veins in the legs or lungs.
  • Patients who are taking anti-kinh cones or tuberculosis medications.

In addition, it is also not recommended to continue using for people who have been or are suffering fromcerebral vascular accidents , myocardial anemia or migraines with blurred vision.

breast cancer

Breast cancer patients should not implant contraceptive sticks

4. Is it dangerous to implant a contraceptive stick?

It should be affirmed that contraception by implantation of the underp skin rod is not dangerous. However, we should be aware that any method of contraception has inevitable pros and cons and implantation of the contraceptive stick is no exception. This method can also bring some side effects such as: some people may have nausea or mild vomiting in the first few weeks after transplantation, slight headache, erection and chest pain, pimples, weight gain, menstrual changes in many forms: menstruation lasts longer than usual (menstruation), blood flow between days, menstruation is less or may even lose menstruation (amnication). All of the above unfavorable points will gradually decrease by themselves or disappear after 1.2 months from transplantation.

There are also some rare cases (0.2-1% of cases) that may occur such as hematoma, infection or allergies at the implant location. Or the implant can be shifted (usually less than 2cm), if you do not feel the implant or see signs of curvature, the implant area is swollen or strange, you should immediately report it to your doctor for the earliest support.

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