Overview of Share99 International Health Hub (Share99.net)

Welcome to our Share99.net website!

Share99.net is a general health and medical website established in January 2015. We aim to provide readers with the most comprehensive and reliable insight into general health as well as in-depth advice on medical issues. Many reforms have been implemented throughout the years of construction and development, but we have always maintained our mission and vision.

1. Which company does Share99.net belong to?

Our website was founded by SHARE99 INTERNATIONAL HEALTH HUB, one of the companies founded by a SHARE99 group of individuals with seniority in the health media industry in the US since 1997.

In September 2020, the ownership of Share99.net website was transferred to Viet My General Doctor Limited – specializing in providing knowledge about international health and intensive medicine.

You can refer to more articles related to privacy of the website to learn more about our commitments to collect personal information. In addition, you can also learn more about Share99.net the Q&A section below.

2. Our editorial Board in Share99.net

Share99.net has a team of advisory board, editors, writers who are leading experts or have many years of experience in the field of body care. In particular, many of our experts have successfully published articles and research articles related to the general field.

3. Has Share99.net any official revenue?

Share99.net profits from advertising as well as funding from partner companies. Currently, we make all partners directly involved in sponsorship, Google AdSense on our website.

4. Is the content posted Share99.net is it reliable?

All content posted on our website is written by experienced writers in the field and undergoes close censorship by advisory board and editors.

If the article is a content with deep expertise related to Share99.net, you will ask for more advice from specialists. We always strive to provide readers with advice in the most objective, scientific and accurate spirit.

5. Why Share99.net appear sponsors’ ads?

Any website that wants to operate needs a certain source of funding and Share99.net does.

If the website does not run ads, it is mandatory to redirect to the field of product SEO and from there the content posted on the web is required to revolve around that product. This invisibly will lose what the Share99.net are aiming for.

On the Share99.net you don’t run ads, you must receive exclusive funding from a certain third party. This third party will have the right to completely govern the content posted by us and may diminish the original objectiveness. That’s why Share99.net decided to run ads.

We currently run AdSense ads on this website and are subject to Google’s advertising terms.

6. Is Share99.net always PR for web units running ads?

Currently, Share99.net are cooperating and running ads for a variety of products, services and partners. However, we still maintain our position in the business perspective of maintaining the objectiveness and fairness between brands. Even thanks to the diversity of our partners by running ads, we retain our comprehensive view of general products.

7. How do I recognize posts that run ads?

Currently, Share99.net also runs advertising banners, posts with promotional content, sponsor content sections and links to partner websites.

Ads and posts with marketing content are Share99.net “Ads”. Donor-censored items will specify “Sponsored section.” Links to the partner’s website or materials outside the website will be marked as external links.

8. Are the information Share99.net posted regularly updated?

Our experts, editors and collaborators are always following the latest news and events in the general field. In addition, our writing team also attends many professional conferences periodically, meeting and exchanging with leading medical general experts. Therefore, the content we post ensures accuracy and usefulness.

You can follow the page update date at the end of each article to understand the new Share99.net posted!

9. Official contact with Share99.net

You can contact us at

+ Share99 International Health Hub:

Address: 24 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, CA, 92078

Phone: (770) 685-1234 7661

Email: share99.net@gmail.com

+ Representative office in Vietnam:

Address: No. 164, Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84 949868279

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