15 things to do and not to avoid migraines

Migraines are a common phenomenon almost everyone has ever experienced. This can be a warning sign that your health is having some dangerous problem that you often take lightly. Here are some things you should and shouldn't do to avoid migraines.

1. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep makes you prone to headaches. Sleeping too much or too little can cause migraines. It is important that you get enough sleep.

2. Meals should not be missed

When your blood sugar drops, your brain will feel it first. Hunger is a common cause of headaches. Make sure you are providing your body with the full energy it needs to work all day.


One of the principles of migraine is not to skip meals

3. Use just enough caffeine

Caffeine is both an author and a treatment for migraines. Some headache relieves supplement caffeine because it helps increase the effectiveness of the drug. The problem occurs when you add too much caffeine. Be careful with caffeine.

4. Do not exercise excessively

Sometimes exercising too much can cause migraines. But regular, moderate activity will help strengthen your health and help you not suffer from headaches. You should practice physical exercise from gentle exercises and gradually increase the level.

Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity

Moderate exercise helps improve health and avoid migraines

5. It is advis recommended to regularly update the weather situation

Hurricanes are often accompanied by changes in atmospheric pressure. Working with such weather conditions is easy to make you feel uncomfortable. Checking your weather forecast regularly helps you proactively prevent and treat migraines.

6. Do not let the body become dehydration

Dehydration causes you frequent migraines. You have to replenish enough water every day to relieve headaches, limiting drinks containing caffeine and alcohol because they can make your body more susceptible to dehydration.

7. It is advis recommended to plan for each stage

Altered hormone levels make you more susceptible to headaches, especially during the menstrual cycle and the pre-menstrual period.

8. Do not look long at the screen

Using a computer or television for long periods of time makes your eyes more susceptible to fatigue. Eye strain can be the cause of migraines. You should take regular breaks, do not look at the screen for long periods of time. It is advisable to close your eyes and get up to relax to help prevent migraines.

9. Migraines should be monitored

You can not avoid the factors that cause you migraines if you do not know what they are. You should rewriting your daily routine like what you eat today, getting enough sleep, the medication you're taking, and any symptoms you experience. This will help the doctor to come up with a plan to prevent and treat migraines.

10. Teeth should not be grinded

Grinding teeth is one of the common migraine-causing causes. If you are doing it during sleep, you should talk to the dentist about a device that helps keep your jaw in place.

11. Stress should be reduced

Constant anxiety and stress can harm your health, which is also what makes you more susceptible to migraines. Exercise, eat appropriately and get enough sleep to help reduce stress. You also go to the scientists or use some of the drugs prescribed to help you keep calm.


Anxiety is the cause of migraines so stress should be limited

12. Don't ignore your surroundings

From factors such as sound to smell or light can cause you migraines. These are the effects that are everywhere.

13. Be wary of alcohol

Alcohol can help you relax but for some people alcohol has the opposite effect. Some ingredients in drinks such as red wine can cause headaches. You should monitor your body's response after drinking alcohol to avoid undesirable effects.

14. Smoking is not recommended

Smoking is not good for your health. If you regularly have migraines, smoking can make the condition even worse. Nicotine, the smell of tobacco, smoke are the causes of migraines.

15. Health care should be paid attention

To prevent migraines, you should pay attention to take care of your own health. You should take proper dietary supplements, full of nutrients, practice physical exercise regularly, regularly and get enough sleep.

If you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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Article reference source: Webmd.com


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